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It was my birthday on Saturday! Iím 26 now it was a crazy day and I spent it with all my friends.

First day of Autumn and the Last day of Virgo! It was also a full moon. We spent it overlooking the credit river and Lake Ontario under a cabana! I had a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party

Smoked a fat blunt wrapped in a banana leaf. Went to a fancy Italian restaurant with my friends and had vegan pizzas and gourmet pizzas with all my friends. I also got a pair of steam punk goggles, some gift cards, a pandora charm (Figaro the Cat from Disneyís Pinocchio - and who also happens to be Minnie Mouses cat!), and the new LoZ Breath of the Wild Link plushie! I received some sailor moon figurines and a Ni No Kuni II keychain, a pikachu keychain, some cute hello kitty buttons and a Boruto Pin! My parents got some gift cards too and paid for the dinner. I went shopping earlier and found a bunch of cute accessories from Kensington market and an oversized pair of black overalls. Iím obsessed. I also got some dank free pot from a guy sitting on a bench in a park in Kensington Market too. I also received a new drawing tablet to doodle with on photoshop.

Iíve been sitting here making Kandii Bracelets for Everyone for FFR. Please respond to the thread in ChitChat for a personalized one! (Iíll bump the thread)

Take care everyone! And Happy Birthday to everyone else. You all rock!
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