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Man bean you are evil
Originally Posted by tnyhwk900
We need Arch0wl in his worst mood in here to say how much we hate AlternateOblivion .
My forums looking for mods
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how about instead of a death sentence, prisoners can choose to exploit themself to the good of non fatal science experimentation and be allowed to live or something... i dont know...
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omg, bean i can't stop laughing........you are sooooo random
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Ahh too late
i like cheese

test it on humans...
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well.. human testingis acceptable in some cases... they put adds in the paper for testing some kind of new pill all the time.. everyone knows the old.. get 6 people give three of them placebos and the othre 3 the new medicine.. that human testing... but for more complex and life threatening things i would agree on animal testings.. my reason is simple..

lets say they are testing on rabbits.. the ratio from rabbits to people is probably about 3:1(this is not scientific just a guess)..based on those numbers and the reproduction rate of rabbits.. it could easily be 5:1 within a year.. and then 10:1 within the next year.. and continually growing.. agreed that nautre will take its course and will only support as much life as it can before it equals itself out again.. why not use the animals for testing.. ( I dont know where im going with this.. )... but this all goes to those animal rights activists.. i dont understand these people.. they all same the same thing.. save the animals... yea.. lets se how much your saying that with you have a 3 hundered pund lion about to punce you and eat your heart out... lets see.. shoot the lion save yourself.. or let the lion kill you because he's only looking for food and he doesn't know any better.. hmm.. live or die... i would choose live.. but then i would be the center of a mass uprising about how people are barbarians.. NOW this ties into vegetarians.. did you know that vegans (true vegans that don't any type of animal product) have to take pills to get all the nutrients and vitamins they need to live?.. oh yea.. pill popping.. very natural way of life... i just dont understand some people..

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