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Default TWG 200 Signups Thread C

This will be the only post in English. There's probably barely enough French-speaking players who would want to play TWG but only in a more relaxed setting. A few people have told me they'd like a game like this so I've designed a smaller-scale set of games that can be run a few times over for your enjoyment.

You'll be given a survey before the game, it will be different to the survey all other games get.

My French is terrible, honestly. I'll try my best but it won't be good enough. I hope you enjoy anyways.

KitB: On
Nighttalk: On
Cardflips: (Depends on Setup, will be announced in game thread)
No Lynch/No Kill: Always Off.

Setup will be announced in game-thread.

1) Hakulyte
(there can be more or less than 6 signups, its just a starting point)
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG 200 Signups Thread C

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