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Default Can Can (Piano Version) [54 or 56]

I have found through many plays and countless attempts of "Can Can (Piano Version), that it is incredible that it has remained a mere level 54. Although I can not be incredibly specific in giving my reasons why it should be raised to a level 57, or at least raised at all, I will do my best and trust that those of you who have played it may come to the same conclusion through both intuition and conscious reasoning.

I think we can all agree that the first half of "Can Can (Piano Version)" is not relatively difficult for it's own level. I understand and am well aware that songs with a "quiet" part in them, often erupt with a much more "heavier" part which often balances the level to a mean of the two sections. However, despite this, I still cannot wrap my head around why "Can Can (Piano Version) is such a difficult song to master. I have stumped many Experts and Division 5 Masters with this song betting that they could not SDG the song, let alone FC it. And often many of them hardly passed, and many others failed. This song takes great precision and accuracy, skills and qualities that the average level 54 player would certainly not have, and far above. The rhythm and focus required exceeds my beliefs. "Can Can (Piano Version), is a fair length song regarding time. It is 1:57 long. It does not have enough "quiet" parts to invalidate the legitimacy of the time variable to be interpreted how it is. Concluding from that, I will move on to my next point.

Patterns are an important variable as well in determining difficulty. We all understand that a "jack" being mashed together with another, is not as severe as a "mini-stream" or "jump" being close in proximity to another. My knowledge here is almost mediocre, and I do have some shame in not being better prepared in this response and request for a positive change in difficulty for this furtive song. The patterns I would like to describe resemble a 4,3,4,1,4,3,4,1 structure (and I apologize deeply if I have described the pattern in an ill way). I find these patterns very difficult personally, and also from an objective point of view. They really are truly hard. To maintain that trill and to throw in those precise singles w it, among the many jumps and quick transitions, how could it not be a higher difficulty rating than it is? I would love for y'all to add more to this and analyze the song for yourself. But I think it is important that I throw this suggestion out there because it really does seem strange to see such a good and respectable song which deserves more credit for it's toughness, to be placed low in the rankings. Thank you :)
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Default Re: Can Can (Piano Version) [54 or 56]

I actually came here to make this thread and it already existed, wow.

It's been out for 8 years as a 54 and only has 193 AAAs. Lune Noir, a 63 from the same year, has been AAAd 239 times, for example, with half as many players attempting it. Prism is a 61 and has very similar stats to Can Can.

The patterns themselves start moderately, the 16th note step-into-jump jack being the first tricky part to time, but nothing too crazy yet. The next section is quite draining and offers a number of jump chains, each sharing a note with the jump before it. This culminates in a measure long anchor jack between (13) and (14), followed immediately by the jump chains. I could understand those jump chains and the anchor jack being a 54, but the ending cranks it up a notch with the 1-3-4-3 sixteenth notes, followed by 4,2,3,2, into a jump that transitions into a one handed trill, (really continued from the 1-3-4-3 pattern), then to other simpler trills. To test you one last time, it does the 16th step-into-jump jacks again in case your hands are tired from the last 700 notes.

My gut puts this chart between 57-60 for the reasons stated above.

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Default Re: Can Can (Piano Version) [54 or 56]

the 13431343 thing is the hardest part and that kinda pattern is always a mess when you arent fast enough to handle it, but once you can it really just kinda melts away. i actually think the jumpjacks at the start and the 1[34]1[34] at the end are worse for aaaing lol

it's an obnoxious file and could definitely be bumped some points for sure

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Default Re: Can Can (Piano Version) [54 or 56]

Honestly I could see it even higher than 56...of course I'm total trash at runningmen but I can AAA or low-SDG most of the songs in that level and I'm not even close to SDG'ing that one.

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Default Re: Can Can (Piano Version) [54 or 56]

Can Can (Piano Version) is a very heavy gimmick file that relies on very specific core strengths. It relies on basic trills (but not heavily on one-handed trills), crossover 16ths consistency which can be brutal for most D2-D4 players (see D5/D6 scores on Rave 5 crossovers), and minijacks which are somewhat of a new introduction for files in this difficulty range.

I think this file is somewhere close in difficulty to where Forsaken Neon (1min, 20s long, 58 difficulty) is, since that song does a great job at accenting similar patterns, at a similar speed (bar the jacks). I would consider Can Can on par with 58's.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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Default Re: Can Can (Piano Version) [54 or 56]

In my opinion, the bulk of the difficulty from the song stems from the pairs of quick [34] jacks at the beginning and the [4][34] minijacks at the end, which could be considerably hard to read and hit for D3 players. The running men (crossover included) preceding the minijacks are next in terms of difficulty. The middle jumpchains might pose as hard-to-master obstacles for some players.

Like what others have expressed about the file, the song centers around a number of specific skills. Overall, Can Can (Piano Version) deserves a difficulty raise of 2 to 3 levels.

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Default Re: Can Can (Piano Version) [54 or 56]

Thanks for your feedback everyone! Can Can has been raised to a Difficulty-57 for the time being.
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Default Re: Can Can (Piano Version) [54 or 56]

Looks like it has already been raised but i totally agree. I remember that file being a complete bitch to AAA back then. I felt like i had to get lucky to nail everything in it or i would dump 3-5 goods.
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