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Default Two mechanical keyboards for sale (Cherry MX Red)

(Note: I validated with mods for permission of making this thread)


Hey everyone!

In order to cover my spending habits on keyboard, I'm selling some of the boards I use less. I have two keyboards up for sale, for your consideration:

WASD Keyboard 87 keys V2 - 110 CAD SOLD!

- Used for 2 years, have since 2014. I played most of my stepmanias on this thing, it's a war horse
- Cherry MX Red switches
- White keycaps are yellowed just a little bit, but nothing horrible (see pictures)
- (Legendary keycap design created by yours truly, meant to represent Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. I can already predict people in the thread saying "whaaat you're selling your dsotm kb!!". Heck, I'll autograph it for free if you want lmao)

Cherry MX Board 3.0. - 65 CAD SOLD

- Used for 2 years, have since 2016.
- Cherry MX Red switches
- DEFECT? One of the legs used to raise the keyboard is flimsy, if the keyboard slides to the right the leg closes itself and makes the keyboard wobble. Thus, consider using this keyboard only in flat mode (unless you manage to repair it)

More photos of both keyboards: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KuVrYERnHy6KZ6Ac7

For payment I use PayPal. I will ship through Canada Post (buyer pays for shipping after I estimate the costs). If you want to meet in Montreal, I will be more flexible.

Thanks for looking at my keebs, hope you find something you like for the right price. :)
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