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Default How many times...

How many times:


•Have you had to go to the bathroom when you REEEEEEALLY didn't want to?

•Have you hated your own cooking?

•Have you had your heart broken?

•Have you randomly did something w/o knowing it?

•Did you laugh so hard you wet yourself?

•Did you watch the same YouTube video over and over?

•Did you get what you want, but lost it in a matter of minutes?

•Did you REEEEALLY have to leave somewhere but just decided to stay home?


•About 4

•Once, and I will NEVER repeat what I did!!


•Twice, shouting random thoughts while listening to my iPod lol

•3 Times, YouTube videos: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE - Britney Spears Responds (natlamp),
How To Be Emo (nigahiga), and YouTube Poop: Metal Gear AWESOME [EXPLICT] (PivotMasterDX)!!

•I counted 54 times!! The YTP: Metal Gear AWESOME vid

•Once. I was at the docks fishing and my dad go tme a camera, but I dropped it in the water in a minute, because I tripped over a rope...

•Twice. I didn't want to go to school, so I drank some Ipicac Syrup and Puked my guts out to get out of it... MAN what a hell of a day that was...

Anyone else have anything to put out there?
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Default Re: How many times...



oh god...






Okay now what.

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Default Re: How many times...

•I have endurance.

•My cooking is damn good.

•32 times, none because of love.

•4. Most of them were lies.


•Not youtube, but nicovideo. I watched the nico suite mario sfx remix 32 times in a row.


•cutting school.
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Default Re: How many times...

Why do you care?
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