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Default What do you think Equality really means?

The last time I made a post in Critical Thinking my post ended up winning Dumbass of the Year, Best Thread of 2012, it become a Legendary thread in TGB, and very recently someone took the time out of their day to make a breakcore cover of a voice recording I made of myself reading my own OP. I have no such desire to repeat history, I'm not a dumb, mentally ill, unhinged teenager anymore. Well, I'm still pretty mentally ill, but that's besides the point. I come to you with a legitimate Critical Thinking discussions 12 years later.

I have a friend over discord who I debate with on a regular basis and he asked me a simple and yet powerful question, "Define Equality" I've long established with this friend that I view the world in blacks and whites and that this is a subject with tones of grey areas, so he elaborated further by stating the following.

"If we ignore personal segregation of the world and take a look at logical definitions. Despite black, white, gray. How can you define equality, what does it take to have equality? What does an equal world look like? The topic of equality always has and will be the best topic to debate because, just as emotions and trauma, we will never see or know it as the same thing. Some people define equality as everybody having the same fortunes, some define it as everybody being given food and water. Bare bones bullshit that would never work though"

I myself pondered this question for awhile, I've never had a chance to think so deeply on the question before but I figured I would take a stab at explaining what I thought equality meant from my perception. The following is my unaltered opinion on what I perceive equality to be.

"I think both of those are completely useless because equality has nothing to do with equal opportunity, wealth, or even resources. What I believe equality to be is something more along the lines of everyone receiving the same treatment. To elaborate further I'm talking about much deeper things than the aforementioned issues, I'm talking about things like xenophobia, or racism, or even belligerent prejudice against individuals who are part of groups their morals and values don't align with.
Ignorance is bliss, and ignorance paves the way towards a world that has no equality.

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge on a subject, a lot of people seem to think it means someone is being rude. Ignorance quite literally translates to "If I do not know, I do not care" It boils down to apathy. If the world is filled with an apathetic society then equality will never be reached because our world will never want it badly enough, we can scream all we want for "equal rights" or any other such nonsense but until the world starts caring more about its fellow human that will never become a reality. The old dogs must die out and we must usher in a new generation of intellectuals who will let go of old world mentalities and old world values, that is how we reach equality, it's not going to happen in our lifetime.

It won't happen in this century, the next century, or the one after it. It very well take another millennium before we reach a point in which equality approaches from the horizon but we still won't be there, humanity needs some serious rewiring and since it's already hard enough to rewire a society that has been hardwired over several generations we cannot expect this to happen over a couple hundred years. I've never had to think that deeply about this before. But this is my honest opinion of equality We're nowhere fucking near the point of equality for the human race. We very well might wipe each other out before that even happens at the rate we're going."

He did respond with his own belief on the concept of equality as well as two definitions of equality.

"Equality is not real, not whilst countries, borders, laws, segregated leaders, class systems, discrimination all exist. I define equality as a concept and not a subject. Like how dystopia is a city of ruin, death. Equality has 2 definitions:

Definition 1:
Equality is not real to begin with. There is no aspiration, no realistic possibility, no plausible way to become equal.

Definition 2: (my belief)

I find that equality is only possible with one medial method. Equality is not permanent and never will be, it is not possible no matter what is possibly done, there will always be disparities in society. The only true way to create equality is to give every person an equal start. All placed in academic situations with equal starting points and opportunities, the disparity begins from the effort and abilities those put into such. This will create a realistic and reasonable disparity. Equal start is equality, then there is no argument for ones misfortune, there's no justification for falling behind. Like in chess, every mistake is no accident, simply ones own fault. This belief has its flaws, there's no way to give everyone equal starts, equal intellect, equal lives. The world would not function at all if we had equality, the disparities we have in the world are unjustifiable still, the world leaders are absolute ignorance. I 100% agree with what you said on such about defining such. The entire point in this belief is that those who fall behind have no ability to argue against such as it was all placed upon themselves based on their own decisions.

Definition 3:
The last definition is for everybody to be the same, the same hair same face same body same mind. But this isn't a definition to me, this negates a reason for equality. What's the need for it if its never an issue.
In the end, there simply is no way to reach equality, emotions and hated for other people will always be an issue and humans are simply hateful beings. If we segregate based on colour of skin tone alone and insist on invading ourselves and our land then we will never even grasp a straw in the hay mountain.
It isnt real. Any way to make it real either negates humanity or negates any reason for it to begin with.
Its all idealism"

In conclusion I'll bring us back the question at hand.
What do you think the definition of equality really is? Do you think it's something as simple as sharing resources with one another? Is it an equal distribution or wealth? An equal amount of opportunity for every no matter where they come from? Or is there a much deeper and profound meaning behind equality for you?

Please discuss civilly, I'm highly interested in seeing everyone else's opinions on the matter, and I'm sure my friend will be too.

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Smile Re: What do you think Equality really means?

There are different types of equality I guess, I mean I personally believe no one is equal, because everyone has atleast small differences that make it so they have an unequal oppurtunity in life, or an unequal start and all of that. I think the most plausible form of equality comes in the form of legal equality. Everyone has the same rights as everyone else, assuming people with equal rights get equal oppurtunities, that still isn't equality in the literalist sense because some people will just naturally be born smarter or dumber, strong or weaker.

From a conceptual standpoint, equality is just two substances having "being the same" or equally the same thing. Two different humans maybe getting the exact same oppurtunities? This couldn't even happen if laws or governments ensured every single person was able to get the same level of oppurtunities, because people enjoy / take interest in different things, how can one measure the equality of oppurtunity if one person is very ambition while someone else is very humble. Doesn't seem too equal?
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