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Default Storn's Stepmania Selection Shi [RELEASE]

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Thats right folks! its that time of the year again. Storn's Stepmania Selection is back and better than ever! And if it's not i've really failed to improve as a stepartist. But fear not! (or do fear) For this packs now has GIMMICKS! With some help and inspiration from Lights, I have added some special surprises to a few charts. But i hear you, the last pack had WAAAY too much anime in it. So for this pack i have made sure to go back to my roots and guarantee you that this pack has ABSOLUTELY ZE-- I have just been informed that despite the fact that not a single band here is from japan, that somehow anime has still managed to infect this metal focused pack. We are doomed. Anime is everywhere. Anime is eternal. Anyways, besides gimmicks you can expect some higher difficulty charting this time around. Find more chords, and more jacks. We got it all, as long as "all" is more storn metal charts. And check out that bonus song while you're here. You might find its gimmick a lot of fun. So go! Download Paq. Stop reading this, its just a bunch of words made to fill up the page to make this post look impressive so you want to download my charts. The more time you spend reading this is the less time you'll have to actually play them.


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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection Shi [RELEASE]

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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection Shi [RELEASE]


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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection Shi [RELEASE]

it's stornin time
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