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Default [PAD] birch minipack 2.0

ported from the SM forums

this will be my last pack under the "birch!" alias, as i have changed my nickname in the stepmania forums because the other one sounded unoriginal to me

may contain tech notations (crossovers, footswitches, sideswitches, brackets, etc)


|| All What Remains - Gargaj [9]
|| False Light - Marco V [11]
|| Full Access - SofT MANiAC [10]
|| HyperSpaceAdventure - Skip [13]
|| Life Suxxx! - Crome [12]
|| Strong Intentions - Zalza [11]
|| ST-Style - Dubmood ft. Zabutom [10]
|| Whirlwind Snooker - vim! [11]

download = https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LYP...AEifzTJcZL8EV/

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