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Default Re: how's life been guys

I feel like a lot has happened for me, but I'll just summarize only the major good portions.

· Been working full-time as a creative designer for a very large print company for over 6 years. I work with million and billion dollar corporations on the daily, so I guess that's pretty cool when I think about it. Contrary to popular belief, print is in fact NOT dying and I don't think it ever will die, both a good and bad thing. I've been working in the industry for over a decade now, which is also mind blowing to think about for me.

· Still on my rock climbing (bouldering) hobby. Sent some indoor V8s, and now I'm psyched for more outdoor bouldering sessions this year and in the future. I'm the fittest I've ever felt in my lifetime and I'm over 30 years old.

· Went to see my favourite artist Dreamcatcher live twice now. Saw them last year in July 2022 in Minneapolis, and again in March 2023 in New York. Did a fan meet and greet and got the opportunity to take a photo with them as well. I love them so much.

· I guess worth mentioning as well, I'm part of the 7Dreamers team, which is the official global fan club for Dreamcatcher. I'm a Twitter admin and graphic designer for them, so the majority of graphics you see on their social media currently are created by me.

Probably missing some stuff, but overall I'm content with life right now.

Originally Posted by Zeta64 View Post
super good!
been picking up bouldering/rock climbing as a hobby and have made some friends through that.
ayyy glad to see other climbers pop up here

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Expect delays.
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Default Re: how's life been guys

Started therapy in July and started reading nonfiction books. For the first time in my life, I genuinely want to take care of myself. I finally feel like I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you're silently suffering and you're considering therapy, you can do it! A healthy mind is everything. Personally, I feel reborn.
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Mario's files are top notch, so every time he submits a file I get excited in my pants.
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This guy, MarioNintendo?
Click the bricks

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Default Re: how's life been guys

(sry i cant speak english) no sé la verdad, tengo mala memoria pero lo único que puedo recordar es que desde que me expulsaron del colegio estoy mas estudioso (mucho tiempo libre), y también me quieren poner a chambear y tal vez me terminen mandando para otro colegio (si es que regreso, depende de mi psicologa si me dice que "si" o me dice que "no", pero eso se verá el día miercoles)

y pues aparte de eso, todo sigue siendo lo mismo, creo
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