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Default Re: hi

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Default Re: hi

hello there
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Default Re: hi

i'm transgender in case you didn't know

my discord username and tag are drizzleRomanceGirl#0706 in case anyone wants to message me

Division 5 2nd place

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Oh, I thought it was just my internet this whole time.
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Also that triple post is almost as delicious as a hot, fresh, Domino's pizza.
Originally Posted by aperson View Post
can y'all take a break and kiss
(the first section of this chapter)

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Default Re: hi

hiyaaa! ^0^/
My YT Channel? Video game VOICE IMPRESSION?!(p.s. I go by Luna now ;-; ~ evuh is ded)


"Life is always downhill, everyone is heading towards death every day. It's up to you to look for the hills you can climb up instead
Or something
I just made that up but it sounds good" ~alloyus~
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