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Default Songs of the Week 09/17/2022

Welcome to another Songs of the Week Release for September! For veterans, they may recognize one of the songs as being part of the 5-part "Identity" series from SHK.

Herald of Gargos
Musician: Mick Gordon feat. Christopher de Leon
Step Artist: T-Force
Song Length: 3:53
Song Style: Metalcore
Note Count: 1520
Difficulty: 61

Identity (Part 4)
Musician: SHK
Step Artist: Ghost_Medley
Song Length: 1:56
Song Style: Trance
Note Count: 1185
Difficulty: 66

Dimensional Doors
Musician: Strobe
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 1:36
Song Style: Chiptune
Note Count: 934
Difficulty: 75

And for Non-Veteran players, these previous songs have went public:

The Solution Awaits
Musician: Virt
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 1:14
Song Style: Astral March
Note Count: 717
Difficulty: 68

Musician: Savant feat. Gino Sydal
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 2:28
Song Style: Chiptune Drumstep
Note Count: 1404
Difficulty: 71

Cris Fortress
Musician: Se-U-Ra
Step Artist: Elite Ninja
Song Length: 2:00
Song Style: Trancecore
Note Count: 1342
Difficulty: 74

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file
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Default Re: Songs of the Week 09/17/2022

Hi, can you tell I really like Killer Instinct's soundtrack?
Fun fact, Herald is the first song I heard from it as it showed up on a curated Spotify playlist of mine. I'd never played the game and wouldn't for almost 3 years after hearing it, but it remained my top played Spotify song for 3 years running, and other songs from the OST also dominating those charts.
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