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Default Re: AAA Gang

Keep it up, Trevor! You've been getting a lot of awesome scores lately

I surprisingly pushed out 10 (*cough* now 11 *cough* I mean 12) new AAAs in a session today which is really hard to do with what I have left to play.

I also achieved a nice milestone of only having single digit FMOs left to AAA now! (two being tokens I don't have access to >_>)

EDIT: And another ridiculous AAA at the end of the session

EDIT2: welp add another lol. I guess now's a time to mention that I also hit 100 FGO AAAs not that long ago too but didn't realize it until after the fact it happened :P

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Default Re: AAA Gang

100 hours of regret aaa is nutty....i find that ending just as hard as pandora LOL
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Default Re: AAA Gang

those are some big bois out of the way, nice one

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Default Re: AAA Gang

Originally Posted by Elite Ninja View Post
WATCH LOCAL BLACK LOSER PLAY ARROW GAME --------> https://www.twitch.tv/toone156

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