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Default Re: Skill Token Unlock Thread

I was just AAA hunting and figured I might as well get the 50 in one day token. Not sure where to post the screenshot though. Edit: Got it.


Oh, and just got to division 4 just in time to get wrecked in tourny.

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Default Re: Skill Token Unlock Thread

What a nice way to unlock a song I won't be able to play in like two years.

  • Highest AAA: Men & Machines [Redemption] [73]
  • Highest BF/BF: Before Cynthia [71]
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All (or most) songs up to Level 27 AAA'd.

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Default Re: Skill Token Unlock Thread

just looking for an excuse to post here since I have not played seriously for a long time

ez mode token

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Default Re: Skill Token Unlock Thread

Necroing skill token thread because I just unlocked Token Whore, 4 years in the making. I bullshitted Nanairopanda but hey we take what we can get anyway. Disconnected Hardkore was the last one to go, really had to focus on moving my hands for that one. Good luck to anyone else going for it.
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Default Re: Skill Token Unlock Thread

popped the fuck off after having to restart twice because my mouse fell off my table and shafted me to my desktop. pog.
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