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Default Re: Song Corrections Thread

Taken from HARDCORE TANO*C Bandcamp:
- The correct title of "to luv me i *** for u" is "to Luv me I *** for u."
- The correct title of "to luv me i *** for u (Reprise)" is "to Luv me, I *** for u. (reprise)" Note that the comma usage is different in the two songs.

Some more I found while I was making Heardle for FFR songs:
- "Play (BEAUZ Remix)" should be "PLAY (BEAUZ Remix)"
- All songs by Kola Kid should be lowercase (this affects "Spaceman", "Can't Hide Your Love", "Purple Drank", and "Timer")
- "Identity [Part 1]" and "Identity [Part 5]" are not two cuts of the same song, but two different songs. It seems part 1 is just titled "Identity" without the part label. Part 5 is titled "Identity part 5".
- "Anima" should be titled "ANiMA". Also, v1 uses the Deemo version, whereas v2 uses the full version.
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Default Re: Song Corrections Thread

Originally Posted by jacobvl39 View Post
I recommend that Hungarian Dance No. 7 be moved to Legacy due to its severe sync issues.
That's not how Legacy genre works, with it only being used for songs that suffer from blue note syndrome, and aren't in a situation where it cannot be moved (e.g. Revolutionary Etude is a Skill Token. Moving it to Legacy would cause it to stop being a Skill Token, and then you have an issue of the void of where Revolutionary Etude used to be as a Skill Token. Same goes for Purchased / Secret songs).

Originally Posted by Laplace View Post
Not quite a song correction, but trumaestro told me to bring it up here.

The tokens pertaining to average song rank seem to go off the average rank displayed at the bottom of levelranks rather than the average rank displayed on the profile, which I think should be made more clear in the token description if possible.
Sorry this took a very long time to get to, it likely jumped out of my view because I was suffering hard from COVID at the time, and didn't get back to it.

If you have tokens specific to average song rank, you're likely referring to event tokens/normal tokens. Not sure what would be a better solution to this problem, including text on the normal token page for it because you have to visit levelranks to unlock those anyway, or include them in the text field for the token themselves which would be more direct but may turn out quite bulky.

Outside of these, I've included all song corrections up to here.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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