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Default anybody remember DJ Damien?



My name is DJ Damien. I am an artist.

Earlier this year, I decided to expand my art beyond the boundaries of music, in creating a self-styled piece of work, compatible with the popular dancing game, 'Dance With Intensity'.

My piece was titled "Art", and within the art industry, it received critical acclaim, and many awards. Art International Magazine called Art "The greatest thing to ever exist", and in the summer of 2002, Art went on tour, being displayed at many galleries around the world, while I was nominated for the Nobel Prize, in the field of art.

All was going well, until in August 2002, I became aware of a DWI competition, entitled "Tournamix 2". As Art was so well received by fans all around the world, I decided to bless Tournamix 2 with my name, and entered Art into the competition. Little did I know that "Tournamix 2" was a competition that did not reward true forms of art, but rather loud, annoying music, which is commonly refered to as "Eurobeat".

Despite the earlier acclaim I had received in the art industry, the members of DDRei, and it's judging panel decidedly shunned Art, and even went so far as to criticize my work.

Despite being clearly superior to every other entry in the competition, Art did not win Tournamix 2, and shortly thereafter, I received a call from the Nobel Prize Commitee. To my astonishment, Art had been withdrawn from the running, after they found an individual named CMCM, citing that I should "Get off the stage". the Nobel comitee interperated this gesture as being literal, and even though I was the odds-on favorite to win the 2002 Nobel Arts Prize, I was withdrawn from running, and forever shunned by the art community.

Unfortunately, the DDRei website is read not only by art industry insiders, but also by my landlord, at the London Museum Of Modern Art, who abruptly informed me that I was no longer welcome to lodge there. With nowhere to lodge, and nobody buying my art, I was thrown into the streets, all because of DDRei's Tournamix 2.

After losing my home, I took refuge on the streets of London, sleeping in Soho Square, in a box outside the Las Vegas arcade. One morning, a DDR player leaving the arcade dropped a slip of cardboard on the floor. From inside my box, I picked it up, and ran after them, to find they'd already walked out of site. Upon examining the paper, I found it was a ticket for an Internet Cafe, and without it's rightful owner, I decided to put it to use, visiting my good friends at DDRei.

Upon reading DDRei.com, I discovered there was another Tournamix competition, and like a Tekken storyline, I decided to enter Tournamix 3.

Although DDRei's Tournamix has cost me my home, my fortune, my status in the art industry, and my lifestyle. The only thing they didn't take away is my ability to create pure art. However, I don't want to create art for you motherfuckers - have this instead!

Extracts from the private diary of Mr D. J. Damien

There we fucking go! I just submitted my Tournamix 3 entry to that unappriciating whore Sivus. I called it Art 2 but them cunts aren’t getting any more of MY art, NO! They can wallow in my hatred instead. I feel my job is at least part done.

To my dismay, my wonderful art did not win the nobel prize this year. Instead my nemesis, Dr Chifus has received the award, for his 'TV On A Computer' exhibit. It consists of a TV, placed ontop of a computer. This shit makes me burn with rage. I'm not usualy a very offensive person, but this motherfucking piece of bar-raping scum doesn't deserve shit, yet my art goes unappreciated yet again. Oh well, at least I'm still a tramp, and that means I have money to scrounge :{
After this latest development, I'm fucking sick. No more art - EVER.

Something really funny happened today.
I was begging in Soho Square as usual and some guy came up to me and asked if I was ‘The’ DJ Damien.
I don’t have a clue how he knew who the hell I was but he told me that he was a fan. He said that from what’s he’s heard, the word is that the judging’s going well on Art 2… for some reason there are people who like it. Don’t these pricks realise that I hate them. THEY’RE not supposed to like it. Oh fucking well…. Weird day.

I’ve just got news that Art 2 may do REALLY well in Tournamix 3. Now I don’t really give a flying fuck what those cocklickers think of my song but when It gets to the point of people throwing money into my paper cup in return for a photo or autograph, that’s when this starts interesting me.

This guy that visits me daily just told me the results of Tournamix 3. Apparently A2 came quite high but I was beaten by 1 point by some rasscla called Unrealitized. I spoke to my bitches on the matter, and they all insist that Unrealitized is none other than that fucking tonce, BeManiRuler.
Now I obviously haven’t touched any of the shite from that fucking Tournamix but I just know that his DWI was just a million impossible steps and a generic, boring trance song, in no way musical or artistic.
This is what I’ve come to expect from those assholes.

Today, while taking a piss up the side of The London Astoria, I had a rather strange visit from a young man.
He told me that he was a member of a group of ‘Art Sympathisers’ and was sent by his master to hunt me down.
First thing tomorrow morning I’m going to be picked up in a limousine and brought to him I’m told… what the fuck is happening?

Now today has to go down as one of the fucking single strangest days of my life so far.
As promised, a white stretched limousine pulled up outside Las Vegas Arcade at exactly 8:15 this morning, the boy from yesterday stepping out and invited me inside.
As the car pulled off, I was offered a glass of champagne and introduced to a Master Pierre.
He’s the leader of this group of Art sympathisers, fans of my old-style art.
Apparently they’d been searching for me since I was knocked out of the running for the Nobel prize, they had searched the four corners of the world to find me and had had no luck until they read my location in the .txt file that I included with A2.
Master Pierre told me of his grand mansion in the country, he told me that I was his inspiration, that my art had lead him to make his millions and he wanted to share it with me.
Obviously I didn’t believe a fucking word this prick was saying… until we arrived there.

We stepped out of the car and went into a huge, regal-looking dining room where there was a large feast waiting for us.
Over dinner he told me that he was dying and wanted me to inherit his whole estate. All he wanted from me was a work that would impress the world, to show them that DJ Damien was once again an artist.
After dinner he sent me to this luxury room and told me I have a night to sleep on his proposal.
This is such a fucking different world from what I’ve been used to lately, from sleeping in an Xbox Box to sleeping in a royal 4-poster bed with chambermaids overnight!
How can I fucking refuse? I can make art! FUCK! I CAN FUCKING MAKE ART!
Yes! My life has been turned around.

I’ve had little time to write in my journal over the past month-or-so that I’ve been here. Master Pierre has had me in deep physical and mental training.
He says that it’s a plan derived from my very own work, the work that those… people at that… website shunned.
He’s taught me not to be bitter, not to spend my life looking at the bad side of things but to look forward into my great future as the lord of Pierre Manor.
I think I am about ready to create my greatest work yet.

Strange things have been happening recently. Take today for example, I just started work on what I hoped to be my finest masterpiece to date when I heard a rather familiar noise come from the study. I ran down the hall to the study where I saw master Pierre flat-out on a DDR mat, exhausted.
I asked him what he was doing.
For the first time, Master Pierre was unkind to me, he jumped up, threw his cloak over a computer monitor and yelled at me to leave.
I don’t know what’s going on at all… I really don’t.

Today Master Pierre sent for me. I met him in the library and over a glass of good old 1924 vintage we discussed life and art.
He told me that there was a way I could double his estate, my estate before he finally passed it onto me.
He informed me of the fourth DDRei Tournamix competition. My so-called sequel to Art has gained me so much popularity with the DWI community, or so he says, that all I need to do is to capture the final segments of their hearts and minds to win Tournamix 4 then ALL our dreams will come true.
I don’t know exactly what he means but he refused to talk on the subject any more.
As I’m writing this, I’m sure I can hear strange sounds, sounds that could by some people even be described as… music.

I have not touched my unfinished masterpiece for weeks, it seems to not be what Master Pierre is looking for. He seems to be after something more euphoric and mainstream.
Almost every night now I wake up with strange inspirations. I don’t know where they’re coming from but I find myself humming this same tune every morning…

Master Pierre has told me that my 3rd DWI Art will go down in Legend. He says he’s pleased with my progress. That’s quite strange, as I haven’t even started work on Art 3 yet, all I did was ask if I could borrow his definitive generic trance collection 2002 - volume 548 CD that I spied on his shelves.

I’ve finally gained the inspiration to create art! Over the last few weeks my visions of art and the world have blended, distorted and finally reformed to show me the true light, the true joy of the world, the true masterpiece that is going to become a Legend, the Legend of Art!

Creating art that everyone can appreciate isn't easy, and although I really need the money, I can't compromise my integrity as an artist, in order to please the masses. Whatever I create, they'll still beg for their 5000-step DWIs, and uninspiring trance shit. I need to find a medium of art that can surpass that, and make people realise love DJ Damien, instead of their trance.

Woke up this morning - Realised I really love trance now.

Got in touch with my bedjin NMR to help me write Art 3. The more I think about how popular trance is, the more I seem to 'appreciate' the genre, and the more I think about money, the more I want to please people. Discovered how hard it is to make individual and unique music, when all trance sounds the same.

Art 3 still sounds vaguely like Abyss. Fuck it - now I can sue DJ Taka for infringing on my intellectual copyright, 2 years before I put Art 3 into music. This morning, we wrote a new verse for Art 3, but quickly became bored, and wrote a different song in the afternoon. Kind Lady is the new Art.

Assured Art 3 will become popular, by creating the perfect fusion of generic trance, lots of arrows and excessive swearing. Began primary shooting of the Art 3 MTV video at Carreg Cennen Castle, thanks to the unknowing owners of said property. Decided to insert cross-dressing into the video, in order to make Art 3 'controversial'

Finished filming the video for my latest piece of Art. For the record, I could have hired an expensive bollywood directors, but decided instead to intentionaly make it seem rushed, and badly-edited. This is not an error, it is intentional - This is ART

Hired BMR look-a-like, to create generic 10-foot maniac steps. I don't see how this shit is playable, but then again, I'm not Jason Ho. However, Master Pieree assures me that all popular DWIs must include unplayable steps, so once again, my mind is at rest.

DJ Damien was shot
RIP 2002 - 2003
"Oh, well.."



"Art 3" mixed by Eidolon 5
Lyrics : Eidolon 5 (Damien / NMR)
Vocals : DJ Damien
Chorus : Eidolon 5
Background & Banner : Fuse / McFox
Steps : McFox / ? / Pentaro The Cock
Video : NMR's Video Toaster


Lyrics :

Art 3
(c)2003 DJ Damien / NMR

Dear Children..
This is DJ Damien's latest creation
Transcending the boundaries of music and art
Tournamix 3 taught me a lot of things, but the one thing I learnt is.. Bemaniruler is a cunt
So, he can make trance songs with a million steps a second
Art could have been like that, don't you think I can do that too?
So it's trance you want, yeah?..
Well I'll give you motherfuckers a slice of my trance
Infact, trance is the new art

Fuckers, think back to Tournamix 2
Everything I said, still remains true
I showed you art, you showed me the door
But now I'm on-top, you fuckers want more
You don't like my art, you like the way I curse
Throw away your prejudice, replace with this verse
I saw my life, and took a step back
can't stay forever, on the attack

Atist supreme, I'll show ya what I mean
I make a bit of trance, and now I'm raking the green
call me a sellout, I'll call you a twat
We both understand, trance is where it's at
Art and trance can co-exist
These two different worlds have touched and kissed
So dance along, we've much to gain
Dance into the trance refrain

Move Your Body
Feel The Beat
Take My Hand
Love is Sweet
See My Eyes
How they burn
feel my lips
how they yearn
tell my heart
how you feel
tell me dear
is it real
let music
touch your soul
let my love
fill your hole

And I know
When you say
My Art Blows
you away
your the light
at the door
to heaven
love me more
Dance all night
dance with me
let my art
set you free
If you know
how I feel
tell me this
is for real

Screw this shit, I'm done
Making trance ain't fun
And you Tournamix scum
Stick it up your...

I'm not here to please you
Me and trance and through
Go ahead and boo
This ain't what I..

Fucking pikey pricks
With your two-inch dicks
Fuck your freestyle tricks
Screw your tourna..

I still think trance sucks
But it made big bucks
From you gullable fucks
Stupid fanboys!

My popularity's high
I'm not asking why
Go to hell and die
With DW..


"Life doesn't happen all at once. Why should music?" - DJ Damien

Special thanks to all the friends who bail us out at the last minute :}

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Default Re: anybody remember DJ Damien?

It is known that wherever you may go we will follow you

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Default Re: anybody remember DJ Damien?

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Default Re: anybody remember DJ Damien?

Ok fine i’ll say it

Who is gonna translate this fucking opening post to make any shred of sense
I just released a pack.
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Default Re: anybody remember DJ Damien?

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
Ok fine iíll say it

Who is gonna translate this fucking opening post to make any shred of sense
Download the pack and listen to art 1 and art 2, then all the lore will make sense. Maybe ill just upload them to yt
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Default Re: anybody remember DJ Damien?

One year old DJ Damien wrote in his diary about the day he got shot and died? Pog champ.

[sven]: martin va remplacer la luzerne de son ragout de pelouse par du weed
[sven]: y va manger ca en souriant comme le dude de quaker
[haku]: that quaker dude looks like he just got laid
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