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Default Wiosna/Shoegazer Chart and Pack Repository

I initially wanted to make a Google doc or a random thought compiling all of my stuff in one avenue, but it turns out 1) Google Docs kinda sucks for stuff like this, and 2) random thoughts take too little space on a webpage for it to be useful. This will probably be something that I would also refer o!m people to as well so why not.

Hi, I'm Wiosna -- I go by Shoegazer on osu!mania. This thread is where I post my packs and occasional singles that will either make for very small packs or no pack at all. Descriptions will be given for each pack.

This is also where I will post a showcase of single charts that I have some personal sentiment towards or charts that I expect to be appealing to others. Descriptions will be provided for singles as well, but they won't always be my (in my opinion, obviously) best charts.

You will also find a section for my pack WIPs, at least for pack projects that I'm doing by myself.

Note that the thread will not include all of the charts, because that's more or less impossible since I've sent my charts to various packs, most of those I did not organise myself.

If you would like a more condensed version of the charts I've made, here is a spreadsheet containing all of my charts with corresponding DL links.

Sharpnel Instrumentality Project
# of charts in pack: 15 (not including marathons, songlist)
MSD range: 19-24

There was a thought experiment that some people have formulated: If you were to lock a simfile artist who doesn't just make scoring files at gunpoint to produce as much jumpstream as possible against their will for a few months, what would be the result? This might not be the result that they were hoping for, but this was pretty close to it.

Sharpnel Instrumentality Project (or SIP) is a pack with primarily stamina jumpstream charts with a "technical" take through specific layering approaches and layering. This is heavily inspired by multiple pad stamina packs from 2016-2018, such as SHARPNELSTREAMZ and Rebuild of Sharpnel. The patterns in these charts are generally much harder than other charts of similar levels of density, but I would say that the JS/HS patterns in Icy X and Icy X2 are still considerably harder.

Nightflower Complex
# of charts in pack: 15 (songlist)
MSD range: 18-25 (mostly 19-23)

A compilation of files that I've made in the first half of 2021. The pack in general is meant to have a darker presentation and most of the songs do have a darker and grungier atmosphere to them, but there are very very clear exceptions.

During this time period, I decided to focus a lot more on how players process and hit patterns -- how players can find certain patterns comfortable or uncomfortable, what kind of muscles they use to hit certain patterns, and so on. I moved away from a more systematic approach to charting (most prominently seen in We Are The Sound and Breakcore Princess to a smaller degree) and utilised a slightly more freeform approach to layering/patterning with the most emphasis on the most perceptible sounds and rhythms that players will hear. This led to some interesting results, and it overall led to charts that I felt were more in line with both I perceive music and how I want my charts to play. Of course, my view of this will probably change as I create more content. Most charts in this are quite straightforward rhythmically regardless.

Breakcore Princess
# of charts in pack: 10 (songlist)
MSD range: 18-24

A compilation of files that I've made in 2020. I would say that this pack marked a new... charting phase for me. This was the period where I started participating more in the Flash Flash Revolution charting community, and I was intrigued by how charters there express music without the use of long notes/holds. This pack was partially made as a personal challenge to see what I can do with minimal or no LNs/holds. My charts from mid 2020 onwards have zero holds.

We Are The Sound
# of charts in pack: 25 (songlist)
MSD range: 16-28 (mostly 19-23)

A compilation of files that I've made from mid 2018 to early 2019. While there is a decent range of charts here, I would say that a lot of the charts here follow a very strict patterning and layering approach: a lot of focus on percussion, super regimented chord use, heavy use of holds for melodic elements among other tropes. There are some other charts that break away from this, but most of the non-dumps follow this sort of formula. I've moved away from this style of charting since, the general painstaking attention to pattern consistency I've had to charts I think originated here.

# of charts in pack: 15 (songlist)
MSD range: 15-24 (mostly 19-24)

Rechart pack that I've made in most of 2017. In terms of style I would say that this pack has the greatest diversity of the bunch, but that isn't saying much because it's still one person. There are some failed experiments here and there, but there are several charts here I still feel has resonated with me today. Crow's Ghost, in particular, was a chart that I think painted my view of charting for a good part of 2018-2019. Toki (maidable remix) is also a chart that I don't think I would be able to replicate again.

# of charts in pack: 11 (songlist)
MSD range: 19-29 (mostly 22-29)

This was my first official pack release, and I made most of the content in this pack from about early 2016 to late 2016. I believe I moved to making dump charts around this time because I hit some kind of roadblock when it came to non-dumps (mostly because I was making content that's mostly for scoring lol), so this pack has more dump charts than not. Some of these charts are still... interesting to look at, and I've never really revisited this style of dump charting at all. The non-dumps are also fine but typical scoring bait minus She's Haunting Me.

Singles Showcase
Ushinawareru Runazuki [Single]
This was the first time I've charted math rock as a non-dump, and the really really heavy layering in the song made it very hard for me to figure out how to actually approach the song. When I first finished my chart for it I thought it was one of the worst things I've made, but it was received well when I first made it. I made some further changes to it a few months down the road (after NC was made) to change some overlayering concerns and I think that the chart is cool now.

The chart is your standard JS/broken JS/HS affair with a fair bit of progression because of how math rock goes. There are also multiple difficulties because it was meant to be a mapset on osu!mania, and they're generally lighter and have different structures overall. I personally prefer the second highest difficulty over the highest one as a chart, but I think the highest difficulty is a lot more visceral to play through. Think of it as watching Oldboy as the highest difficulty rather than The Handmaiden (second highest difficulty).

hydra (short edit) [Nightflower Complex]
I remember giving a previous version of this chart to an FFR simfile artist and they've said something like how they've never seen a jumpstream chart with this much structure and variety before. I think what they said was kinda silly, but it made sense to me. The layering and patterning especially are very deliberate throughout, and there is a notable sense of progression in how things are patterned. There is a small bit of improvisation in a particular light JS section, but for the most part it's just a jumpstream chart with clear and well-defined progression. JS for techheads I think.

Dokudenpa (Poison Air Wave) [Sharpnel Instrumentality Project]
While hydra might be a more structured jumpstream chart in the most conventional sense, Dokudenpa on the other hand is much more freeform when it comes to picking out which parts of the song to layer section-by-section. The break is almost entirely improvised, and the layering when the main part of the song is percussion is mostly improvisation.

This chart has a pretty soft spot for me because, despite this, the chart plays quite well and I do feel that the main parts of the song are represented nicely, but reception on this has been quite mixed compared to other JS files because of how potentially spiky some parts might be due to the lack of rolly patterning as respite during some of the harder jumpstream sections.

Shuu no Hazama (Rainshower) [Nightflower Complex]
Super popular song, also there's a ton of charts for this so enjoy another one on the list. The chart also has a lot in store, with bursts oscillating between 3/16th and 24ths in the first half, to an intense minijack-filled ending with 24th bursts to, not the bass wobbles, but the saxophone. Timing on this is extremely difficult and it stacks very nicely on rates.

I don't really like this chart much admittedly because I feel that the chart can be a bit more aggressive in some areas in terms of patterning, but I think that it encapsulates my approach to neurofunk well.

Aqua Regia [Nightflower Complex]
Collab chart with Elekton (Elekton identified the main rhythms, I did the patterning and other edits), 5 minutes of fast 16th gluts, difficult bursts and no sign of a clear end. This chart is probably the most time I've invested on a chart... and this is a collab. It's hard to describe the file in any meaningful way, so I would suggest trying out the chart yourself if you're into really heavy-handed tech garbage that lasts for 5 minutes. This probably means you if you enjoy FFR stuff!

There are a handful of people who would say that this is the best chart I've made. I personally don't think that this is the case, but this is definitely one of my most ambitious and I don't think that I would be able to replicate this again.

Swamp Thing [Breakcore Princess]
I remember Halogen talking about how much he hated every cut of Swamp Thing in the FFR stepcon and I thought of a cut that would've worked and felt that he would like. Turns out that the cut was indeed something that he expected because it was actually very similar to the cut used for an ITG file back in the day.

Chart is very burst-heavy and relies very heavily on minijacks and adding on to the extant banjo motifs in the chart. It has a pretty silly sense of progression overall and I think the buildups are probably a little bit too difficult, but I think this chart is still decent for what it's supposed to be.

The Great Escape [Breakcore Princess]
I made this dump chart for a post-hardcore song (Bulletproof Love) that I really liked back in the day and I wanted to re-encapsulate that feeling for this song. This is a more disciplined and methodical but still aggressive approach to the chart. Extremely burst-heavy but clean chart with good contrast between 28ths and 32nds, and with a cool song to boot. Out of the dump charts I've made, this is one of my favourites because of how much it encapsulated my style back in the day and how gratifying it is to hit through some of the patterns to some of the longer held vocals throughout the song, just watch out for the guitar solo.

looming shadow of a tree long gone [Breakcore Princess]
There was a very long phase where I viewed charting as this very strict science -- similar to how Rock Band/Guitar Hero charts were made back in the day. A lot of my charts had this really rigid patterning and layering structure to it that led to very mixed results. I burnt out pretty quickly while charting like that, and I took a long break afterwards.

This was my first chart back, with a pretty similar charting philosophy from last time, but with some leniences here and there. It turned out to be one of the best charts I've made made under this style in terms of how it plays and how it progresses. That said the song is still pretty limited, but I still like playing through stuff like this because I like how old-school breakcore files play and this feels like a very modern approach to it. Chart is mostly broken dense jumpstream with lots of anchor use.

Naive Hopelessness [Breakcore Princess]
First off, massive massive thank you to VisD for providing me with a sync skeleton for this song. This is my favourite song from Clonepa and I had wanted to make a chart for this for the longest time. His chart is currently on FFR and you should give it a try to compare our interpretations. His chart I feel has a bit more dynamic range than mine for sure.

This chart has more personal sentiment than anything (and this was the 100th chart I've made); I really love this song and I wanted to chart this in a way that really captured how I charted breakcore back then, and there was a lot of interesting stuff going on percussion-wise in the song that I felt I could follow well. Charting this was a breeze, but the difficulty distribution on this is a bit uneven because of the nature of the song in general. I still enjoy this chart for what it is, though.

Hollywood Squares [We Are The Sound]
Very intense, but very fair. I initially made this chart for Tim because he wanted a reference for how to make an easier difficulty for Hollywood Squares (the one in Valedumps 2), but I felt that this chart could stand on its own when it was released. The chart is split into two halves: a speed component in the first half, and a stamina-oriented jumpstream part in the second. The chart in general goes down really quickly, but it packs a very heavy punch playing through it. One of my personal favourites to play through, but it's fairly unimpressive structurally.

Pack WIPs
Back To Square One
One chart that has left a giant impression on me as a player was jimerax's Frictional Nevada (on FFR). It certainly isn't the best chart in the world nor is it the most ambitious chart in the world, but the feel of the general index-heavy patterning and broken rhythms was something that I always think about whenever I chart anything that's percussion-heavy. It's most notable for the breakcore charts I've made from 2018 to 2020, but there are still clear vestiges of it even in recent packs like Nightflower Complex.

While I still think that JX's Frictional Nevada is one of my favourite charts, I also think that it's a bad idea to just replicate it. It's much better to build off the principles established by a chart and make your own style or idiosyncrasies around it. Back To Square One is meant to be a 5-chart minipack of old-school breakcore attempting to encapsulate the same feelings JX's FN gave me back in the day. The expected difficulty range for this pack is about 18-22.

Current charts:
Venetian Snares - Szamar Madar
The Flashbulb - Black Lawn Finale

If there is anything else you would like clarification on about my files or if you wish to talk to me about stepping (for some reason), you can post it in this thread or PM me through whatever platform you have contact with me on. I'm in the FFR Discord server, so I'm not too hard to contact.
We Are The Sound (2018-2019) - Breakcore Princess (2020) -
Nightflower Complex (2021) - Sharpnel Instrumentality Project (2021)

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Default Re: Wiosna/Shoegazer Chart and Pack Repository

Play my files (Includes information about my upcoming packs!)

Currently looking for gfx help on my soon to be released packs Autotelic Meta and Autotelic Intro, check link above or get in touch if you are interested in contributing!
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Default Re: Wiosna/Shoegazer Chart and Pack Repository

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Default Re: Wiosna/Shoegazer Chart and Pack Repository

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Default Re: Wiosna/Shoegazer Chart and Pack Repository

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Default Re: Wiosna/Shoegazer Chart and Pack Repository


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Default Re: Wiosna/Shoegazer Chart and Pack Repository

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