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Default Storn's Stepmania Selection [Released!!]

This pack has been in the works for far to long. After around 2 years of working on this i have assembled 20 brand new files for you to play and maybe even enjoy if your lucky. Expect a range of files, from boring streamy stamina files to technical mini jacks, and expect these files to be more on the stamina side. But most importantly, expect metal. Thanks to this i can now say i have more files released than unreleased (lets see how long that last). here's to me not taking this long to get pack #2 released. idk what else i could possibly put here so, PLAY MY FILES. thanks.


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"I think storn is town but he doesn't have a shirt on" - Roundbox
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I have beat my meat to storn's posts no less than four times

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post

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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection

I appreciate the amount of arrows on that banner. Really points me in the right direction.
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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection [Released!!]

SMO Mirror (not synced yet): http://west.stepmania-online.com/Sto...0Selection.zip
GDrive DDL mirror: https://www.googleapis.com/drive/v3/...yL9w&alt=media
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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection [Released!!]

Man, storn got outpunned by the first comment

How unfortunate for him

Also gz on pack, friend
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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection [Released!!]

Sorry I couldn't help you out more with reviews and gfx dude
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