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Default Re: Practising MegaMan X4

Originally Posted by katanaeyegaming View Post
Seeing this makes me wanna try and speedrun this game again at some point or at least attempt to
No joke you should! Speed running is fun I'm just bad at it hahaha, and a lot of my favorite games aren't suited for it (fighters, IIDX)

Kinda am itchin's to grind a platformer lately, tho.

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
Holy moly, the load times for X4 are insane.

Never played it, but seeing that makes me go, w h e w. Must be a rough game to actually speedrun if you're in the grove, lol.
Sometimes the break is welcomed my dude
And the load times are quicker when you don't open the lid of the system

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
I am asking you, once again, to recognize, that this post is a joke.
If the algorithm ate it, it would be a sign that it was working properly, for once.
Jelly of meh X4 skill I see how it is

Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Having beaten this game as Zero a few times....

Good luck with Sigma, my guy
I remember this being easier then the other X titles but we're talking decades since I played them. Had the PS2 collection as a teen and me and the gang beat every one except X6 because fuck that nonsense haha

Might run through at least X4-6 again, try to get the PlayStation trilogy done at least for the bragging rights. X6 is gonna be with a damn,walkthrough tho

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