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Default (Oct 14th) SotW Difficulty Discussion

Musician: Makkon
Step Artist: Silvuh
Song Genre: Classical
Style: Electronic Orchestral
Difficulty: 54
Song Length: 1:44

Initial Rating: 54

Elusive Reaches
Musician: Ensiferum
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Genre: Rock
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Difficulty: 63
Song Length: 3:23

Initial Rating: 63

Paraclete [Oni]
Musician: LeaF
Step Artist: ilikexd
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Sacred Art
Difficulty: 82
Song Length: 2:20

Initial Rating: 82

Don't have much to say about this week except it's possible that all of them can be dropped by 1 (maybe). They fit in either the one below or the one they're in, imo. Fun charts though so definitely give them a try.
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