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Default Re: Songs of the Week 12/3/19

Title Theme's just vibing super hard. I can zone out and enjoy the music and still be able to score well. Granted it's a low difficult but being able to do that on any song's always a nice thing.

Soda = Dolphin Talk but even more fun. Chart's just challenging enough to be out of 57 territory but still in 57 territory enough to be fun and still put up a fight.

Hope 4 Hopeful = WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! SO MUCH JUMPSTREAM (But I am bad at jumpstream ; n; )

Warm Hands In Cold Fog is a lil questionable at 77 but still pretty fun. It's pretty much going to be your warmup for Please Don't Remember. The two charts resemble each other pretty highly in my opinion. Lots of minijacks, some really fast trills going out of the minijacks, just some really fast trills just because. Still pretty fun if you can manage to get all of that stuff.

Please Don't Remember is fun if you can jack really well. I can't for the most part so it was painful but if you can do jacks and other wack patterns at the same time go for this one, might even be an easy AAA or SDG.
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