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Default Re: Sunfan's Modified C9++ Proposal Thread

Hi, somebody was asking on discord how to actually roll this setup if you are modding it.

I wanted to confirm that it is like this:
1. Roll 7d100
2. Compare your rolls to the table with the letters
3. Use all the T letters to find out the wolves and neutrals according to the list. (Basically, low amount of Ts mean town is powerful, high amount of Ts means town is weak. The strength of their opposition, corresponds to this.)
4. Use all the non-T letters to find out the town special roles according to the list. (Having several different letters is going to mean there are a lot of different, weaker types of roles. If you have a lot of C for Cop, then there will be more investigative power, etc.)
5. Write down all those roles you just figured out, and then add more townies to make it 13 people.

Example 1
Rolled: 1,9,12,41,45,45,79

1=T, 9=T, 12=T, 41=T, 45=T, 45=T, 79=V

Town Roles: V = One-Shot Vigilante
Not Town Roles: TTTTTT = 1-Shot Role Cop + Godfather

Wolf 1-Shot Role Cop
Wolf Godfather

Town 1-Shot Vigilante


Example 2
Rolled: 1,34,49,53,62,81,84

1=T, 34=T, 49=T, 53=C, 62=A, 81=M, 84=M

C is 1-shot cop, A is Angel, MM is 2 masons for Town Roles
TTT = Wolf Role Cop + Wolf Roleblocker + Wolf Godfather, Serial Killer

Serial Killer

Wolf Role Cop
Wolf Roleblocker
Wolf Godfather

Town 1-Shot Cop
Town Angel
Town Mason
Town Mason
5 Townies
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