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Default Re: TWG 198 - TWGabout Succession [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by fatfuck42 View Post
A big thing nobody's realizing is that I'm literally in the exact same position that Phoenix Wright finds himself in in every single case. It's the pivotal moment, the odds are stacked against him, nobody believes him, and it doesn't seem like there's any hope of proving his client's innocence...but then there's a big dramatic turnaround and everything works out!
Usually, at least if my memory serves me, Phoenix Wright isn't a murderous psychopath who kills all my friends!

Also you've got no evidence except your word, you are not an attorney, there is no pursuit music, and the only thing you have is the potential ability to laugh and say "I TOLD YA SO" if you actually flip green.
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i can't vote shadow god because his profile picture gives me motivation to check on the thread regularly
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more like Shad-hoe God am I right haha
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TIL women have breasts because of horniness
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we can play the speculation game but fucking hell I'd rather go through shadowgod's fucking hentai backlog than entertain that discussion entirely
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sunfan I fucked up

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your hentai collection is commendable. i am both in awe and afraid of you
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