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Default Re: Sunfan's Modified C9++ Proposal Thread

Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
Why not just always give the SK investigation-immune (or just make them green permanently) and also the bulletproof? Losing my bulletproof (which I'd choose every time) just because town randed a cop would really sting.

IC suggestion is good, I like it. Everything else makes sense at the surface level at least.
The SK point is a decent one; the last time I did that, Xiz cruised to a victory as the SK, but I think I would be interested in trying that. SK definitely needs help either way.

Glad you like the IC suggestion, as FFR's resident Innocent Child, I would imagine you would have a pretty relevant opinion there.

Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
i'm in favor of IC choosing when to reveal; i'm not sure it's as mod-intensive of a thing to handle as to require the image thing but that's a clean enough way of handling it
Its definitely the least mod-intenstive thing I could think of.

Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
no opinion on wolfchat or mason chat
this one surprises me; I really think that wolves need it. If wolves have it, it feels like the masons ought to as well, but that one is not as important.

Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
i don't really care about pregame confirmation phases and having one probably would have reminded me that the christmas game existed
Every time I host a C9++ with a pregame confirmation phase, I get multiple people complaining about it.

Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
is the plan to nerf angels or let them be un-nerfed? the line about 2 doctors saving someone forever makes me think that
Yeah, they will be nerfed. It will roll like:

A = 1-shot Angel

AA = Angel + 1-shot Angel

AAA = 2 Angels

AAAA = 2 Angels + 1-shot Angel

AAAAA = 3 Angels

which I will admit, is not super clean to look at. While, yes, two angels can also keep a player alive indefinitely, its a heck of a lot less likely for this to happen.

An Angel will never be able to target the same player twice in a row, same as a Doctor would be and same as a Roleblocker would be still.

Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
was one of the goals to put a godfather in almost every setup? it seems like the number of Ts only locks if you ever see a wolf 1-shot rb flip which seems nice
Yup. It confirms less about the setup for both sides. With 7 T's, Godfather is basically useless, but if I make it a goon instead, either Mafia flip confirms the setup for town, which I would like to avoid. Massclaim situations are too commonly set up by the wolves losing a member that only exists in specific circumstances. Goons are also hot garbage, and I think that giving mafia a slight boost would help the win % disparity that I think exists.

Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post
Increase the likelihood of vanilla town rand :^)

I don't know how I feel about Angel honestly. I just don't really see someone being able to predict 2-3 phases in advance until it gets closer to endgame. I get the point is to prevent cop from claiming and being saved by doctor every night or w/e but angel might as well be a randomized doctor imo
Nah for the first point, just play something else.

It sounds like you understand what I am trying to avoid with the Doctor, but don't like the Angel. I think Angels reward good thinking from a player, without being too strong. What would you suggest instead?
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