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Default Re: Official Tournament Round 1 Songs

Ambient Ooparts pretty fun. The 24ths after the 2323 trill in the intro are easy, but the burst immediately after I always get 4-0-0-1 on for some reason? Definitely need to isolate that to figure out what I'm fucking up. Either way the patterns in that part flow nicely, not as hard as it looked at first. But also probably giga mindblockable, so you gotta be careful.

Overall the file plays really similar to the rest of the ambient-ish artcore songs, stuff like Lexus Cyanixs, and it flows really well and has a surprisingly excellent difficulty curve without getting boring.
Minor criticisms: not framefixing the one 2-frame jack in the second half makes that one part feel bad to hit. Not stepping one of the piano runs in the intro continues to tilt me, also there's a missing low note in the bridge, but overall 8.5/10 ver nice file. Definitely won't feel bad to play it a bunch more if my score doesn't stand.

Good stuff Mr. Dark Zee Tar

EDIT- After playing it more, the frames on Super Soaker only horrify me more and more. Bursts with 2-frame gaps immediately followed by 0-frame gaps. Multicolor hands. May the spirit of Dossar have mercy on all our souls.
That said I don't think it plays all that badly, just looks weird, but then again I don't have to AAA it \_(ツ)_/

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