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Default Re: New Tournament Format - Blitz Tourney

Originally Posted by PhantomPuppy View Post
the point is that before the tourney he was a D5 looking only at level, so devonin had no way of knowing to place him higher. people complaining directly to him about it doesn't solve anything.

edit: also, i would completely understand if a D5 was complaining about it since it directly affects them, but the person complaining in this situation is D6 lol
I'm pretty sure at the time I replied to the thread he was also D5 levelled too. He's -barely- into D6 range right now.

But the whole point of the tournament was to push people to improve, so somebody who had enough gameplays to be placed into a division, just -getting better- to the point where halfway through, they've squeaked into the division above is just the tournament working properly.

The person in 1st in D1 right now is D2 leveled but started in D1, and I haven't moved them up either. There's a person in D2 who is D3 leveled and isn't even winning. Clearly everybody ahead of them should also all be put into D3 even though they're still under level 50.

I've moved up people that have just blown right past the division and up into the next one. But being 2 or 3 levels higher than you started was the GOAL. Why would anybody try as hard as they could to improve and get their best scores if the INSTANT reward was "Putting you up into a division where you'll get ruined into paste"

This was a -TEST RUN- for a tournament format built specifically to have the effect of pushing people to improve their overall skill level enough to go up a division. Complaining that people have improved their overall skill enough to go up a division is sort of contrary to the purpose here.

If nothing else, seeing now that we can structure a format where people will actually push their skill up and get PBs and then improve them to new PBs is valuable information to find ways to make this format even better in the future. I'm already working on a scoring system to not reward placing in your division, but instead reward skill level improvement, using the tournament just as a structure for a start and end date. I'm also working on a reward system to make it so that improving your way up out of a division gives you a worthwhile reward on its own at the time you get moved up mid-tourney that it's actually an incentive and not a punishment to level up.

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