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Default Re: Question about Etterna

Judgement graphics can be customized. You can find them in ..\Assets\Judgments. Make a copy of "default 1x6" and edit the graphic however you please. Open the Assets menu in-game by double clicking the bottom left square.

Noteskins are pretty easy to do basic edits to, especially graphics replacements. If there's something you want to do that you can't figure out, look at other noteskins that do what you're looking for and see if you can copy it (or ask for help in the #addons channel in the EO discord).

Also, I just want to send a message out to anyone who wants to play Etterna like it's FFR: I won't tell you you're wrong for enjoying the game the way you want, but do consider being a bit more open minded. There's such a huge breadth of content waiting to be explored, so why limit yourself to what's already familiar to you? Learning new shit's fun.
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