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Default Re: Rejected Files Tournament

in ig
Top FC: Molto Vivace 21-2-0-18 (92)
Top SDG: Cruel Whole (Abercain Remix) v2 5-0-1-3 (88)
Top BF: Grocery Escape Plan (71)
Top AAA: grind1 (83)
Top AAA Equiv: Molto Vivace 16-0-0-1 (84.66)

badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - 1st D4
12th Official Tournament - 18th D3
Blitz Tournament 2 - 18th D3 (at least what wayback machine says)
14th Official Tournament - 5th D4

i literally cannot remember anything else and i'm not going to search the depths of the earth for it

arrow typer with bad username (tournament edition)
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