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Song was kinda boring tbh. I don't mind both artists, but can't say I really cared for this. Idk why this song has become so weirdly controversial. There's been songs just as raunchy that have been out I feel over the years lmao

Just listen to Janelle Monae if you want sexual themes in your music tbh. Shit slaps
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I also like the nps scale. The standard ITG scale for harder files is blown out of proportion and no longer makes sense.
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nps is still a better idea for ratings
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there is 1 tip for people going to college. When you're in college, you'll be 16, which is the age where (where i live) you can get laid lawfully. basically, get laid asap when they look the best.
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My logic is that the brain processes in 60 FPS so I play 60 FPS.
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