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Default Re: Can Song Rates Over 1 Count?

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
i think if you're calling it a "shitty solution" you're already in the "i don't want to be convinced" camp, which is kinda unfortunate

what rates counting adds to the game is people going back and revisiting files that they would pretty much never do otherwise.
Ok let me answer to each sentence to be even clearer.

1. You say that because I call it a shitty solution, it must be because I don't want to be convince.

Ok, did you read any of my arguments in this thread ? I don't see replies to any of them except SaxRunner, to whom I replied in hopes to clarify. I called it shitty because of reasons I explicitely stated, and you avoid them. Sorry but I think you're in that very bucket of not wanting to be convinced atm.

2. It would make people revisit files, which they don't do right now.

Yes, it might, purely because they would get avrank out of it, since that's the only thing the proposed change does. You take away a bit of the accomplishment of some to make that same, grindy accomplishment easiers for other. Again, that's a shitty solution. I hate to repeat myself as I Just mentionned the "why" in my previous post, but here: You can simply add new metrics which use rates, and suddenly you make everyone happy and end this debate. Let avrank be, it's pretty simple no ?
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