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Default Re: July/August 2017 Set 4

James May finished the primary judge task for July/August 2017 Set 4. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets.

[7/10] Sonic Vision {CanBlaster} (rayword45)
**Sync is way off. Offset should be 0.076, times will be used with the fixed offset
(things denoted with a ** is a requirement to fix on before acceptance)

7.756 to 9.409** - Jump placement is nonexistent despite having jumps prior to this section here.
19.076 - Ghost note
=Also applies to 19.576, 20.076, 20.576, 21.076 & 21.242
22.576** - Shift the note up to 22.492 since you're following the vocals.
22.895** - Shift this up to 22.867
23.534** - Shift this down to 23.555
23.951** - Shift this up to 23.846
24.367** - Shift this down to 24.409
25.742** - Ghost note
=Also applies to 26.242, 26.742, 27.242, 28.409, 28.909, 29.409, 29.909, 31.076, 31.576, 32.076, 32.576, 33.742, 34.242, 34.742 & 35.242
1:14.742 - Quad not needed here man xD
1:14.701** - Shift this down to 1:17.742
1:18.159** - Shift this up to 1:18.117
1:30.742 to 1:32.076 - Should have the stream start on 1:30.742 instead of 1:32.076
1:39.076 - Ghost note
=Also applies to 1:39.576, 1:40.076, 1:40.576, 1:41.076, 1:41.576, 1:42.076, 1:42.576, 1:43.076 & 1:43.576

This was an enjoyable file, although I did feel that something was off about the sync when I played it initially. The offset was way off on my end, off by about a 32nd when I looked at the editor. Fixing the offset fixed manny of the issues, but the vocals need to be adjusted accordingly due to the new offset (which thankfully isn't many). There's also many ghost notes scattered throughout the file that I thought Halloween had arrived early. But, on the plus side, this feels like playing some of the older Jumpstream files in Stepmania and FFR, and in a good way, not in a forced nostalgia kind of sense. Fix the vocals, the inconsistent jump usage at the intro, and remove the ghost notes and we're good to go~

[0/10] Imperial March {Galactic Empire} (Travis Flesher)
Note: automatic reject for being offsync with 60 BPM 64th intervals.

[0/10] Ghost {Silverstein} (Travis Flesher)
Note: automatic reject for being offsync with 60 BPM 64th intervals.

[8/10] Helix of Garatia {sasakure.UK} (YoshL & PrawnSkunk)
Sync is good.

10.460 - Ghost note
16.235 & 16.385 - If you're layering to the beeps, remove these two notes for sake of sound consistency.
=This also applies to 18.485, 19.685, 19.835, & 19.985
20.885 - Add an 8th on here, to accentuate the sound that is also being accentuated on 20.135 & 20.435
37.535 - Remove, sound is barely audible on 1.0 for the note to be placed.
=Also applies to 44.735
38.135 & 38.435 - Make these single notes, the vocal is the prominent sound on these two notes and there's no other sound that's loud enough to have it be a jump.
=Also applies to 45.335 & 45.635
+[OPTIONAL]1:01.685 to 1:02.285 - Why not apply the 4ths and 8ths as jumps here since the piano is being accentuated on those notes? You had the jump on 1:02.285 to emphasize on the piano and on the 8th at 1:01.385.
1:03.035 - Sound isn't too loud enough to emphasize the jump compared to the hands on 1:03.185 & 1:03.335
1:34.985 - Sound isn't loud enough here to justify the jump on this 8th.
~While on the subject of the jump placement on 1:34.985, if you're layering it to the jump on 1:34.985, 1:35.285 & 1:35.585, why isn't there a jump placement to the same sound on 1:35.885 & 1:36.185?
=Same thing on 1:38.885
1:45.485 - Jump here

Fun as fuck file here. I do see some slight errors in the editor but that can be easily fixed up. Just fix those up a bit and it's good to go~
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