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Default Re: Songs of the Week 01/14/2020

Originally Posted by gold stinger View Post
These are based on my first-time playing them, and may contain bias because of skill level.

Chainsaw Fellatio:
Somewhere between 80 and 81, move Fox Tales to 83 or 84.

Fighting of the Spirit:
high 70's, maybe 77-78? Easier than Chainsaw Fellatio.

87-88. Those trills & intro are REAL rough. Bursts are mid-80's worthy. Trill at the very end is a PA-trap.

Controversial Score time: 68. minijack usage is becoming more modernized, and becoming an easier pattern than others like one-hand trills and handstream (Puts less stress on the hands than other patterns). When breaking down the chart, that includes slow jumpgluts that don't overextend themselves. Feels less demanding than Makiba.
I'm definitely with you on Giselle. And the tight mini-bursts were evil.

Fighting of the Spirit I'm thinking 76-77, longer but overall not terribly tiring minus some awkward jump trills.

Chainsaw Fellatio was honestly the most fun file of the bunch and I think could be rated more like high 70's rather than low 80's. Some really tricky parts that are really hard to PA but much easier to combo and nothing terribly stamina-draining.

Landscape I think could be a 70-71. While I agree with you that mini-jacks/handstream are becoming more common and modernized, it's still a very dense intro while a couple very tricky rhythms similar to some of the shorter 70's. But I could see an argument for a 69.
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