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Default How fast would the cheesiest player need to be?

Prof Dinmo is bored at work...the topic for today's discussion is manipulation:

With perfect pattern manipulation skills, what is the minimum speed a player must have in order to AAA most of the game?

Suppose there is a nerd -we'll call this player "Mr. Cheese"- who is super slow and simply cannot increase the speed of his fingers, no matter what he does! He is capable of incredible feats of manipulation, such as the long one-handed trill in Flight of The Bumblebee. Most of the time one would need to trill it but every few notes there are some frames that you could hit a [12] jump and still get perfects. The result would be some 1212 [12] 1212 [12] sort of motion which is probably way harder than actually trilling it but still...this is Mr. Cheese we're talking about and he's a goddamn legend! Just how fast is Mr. Cheese though?

FFR's current framerate is 30 frames per second, or 1800 frames per minute. This means you could cram a stream of 1800 notes all separated by one frame in the span of a minute. This translates to a 450bpm 16th note 'stream'. Any streams faster than 450bpm will convert improperly and start to have jumps scattered in them.

FFR's perfect window is 3 frames wide. This is important to Mr. Cheese and he will use this window to his advantage whenever possible.

Let's look at a notoriously demanding section of the infamous chart RATO and see how Mr. Cheese handles it:

The sequence [12]22 is a killer! But not for Mr. Cheese, below is what he sees:

0000 (start of perfect window for Note 1)
0000 (end of perfect window for Note 3)

The first two notes are separated by two frames and the last two are separated by one frame. (2-framer connected to a 1-framer)

The range of the perfect window for this sequence is 6 frames. Mr. Cheese, playing as slowly as possible, needs to hit a note on Frame 1, Frame 3 or 4, and then Frame 6. In essence, Mr. Cheese will need to make 3 inputs separated by 2.5 frames each. We've already established that one frame is equivalent to the space between 16th notes in a 450bpm stream. 2.5 frames would be the space between notes in a 450 / 2.5 = 180bpm 16th stream, meaning Mr. Cheese has to execute a 3-note 16th jack at 180bpm that starts and ends frame perfectly in order to cheese this pattern.

That doesn't sound all that bad does it?

In terms of one-hand trilling, any notes separated by more than 2 frames must be trilled correctly. This means Mr. Cheese's one-hand trill speed must be at least 450 / 3 = 150bpm.

Homework: Find a section that is more demanding than the above example and describe how Mr. Cheese would attack it. You cannot use Whimper Wall, vRofl, Crowdpleaser v1, P4U v1, etc.

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