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Default Re: TWG Turbo 30 - The Nonary Werewolf Games [Game Thread]

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
I town read Raeko over the iso consistency and general towny vibes overall.

I town read you Plop because I really think you were trying to solve this game with FFA last phase.
I think the post where you quoted a few Sunfan posts and tried to check up pairing with TWGma convinced me.

I don't feel like Sunfan's progression make sense this game at all in terms of solving and this is pretty rare imo.
I agree with that. And I think the interactions between the two are pretty telling. "They might be a wolf, but I dunno. I wanna look elsewhere." Also, seems like the usual strat is to put more faith in whoever claimed first, right? Especially at that point in time. And sunfan wondered what motivation twgma would have to fakeclaim there while not wondering what motivation ffa would have to fakeclaim there. Just fishy all around.
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