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Originally Posted by Bolth mannn View Post
I have not played Flash Flash Revolution for probably four or five years now.

I'm actually pretty ecstatic to see the game is still around and the community seems somewhat larger than what it was back when I quit.

Is this worth getting back into? A MMORPG that I was very excited about just got shutdown and theres a bit of a hole in my gaming life so looking for something to fill it..

Whats the deets?? lots of things seem different haha.
Oh hey, you were one of the big one-handers, if I remember right. Good to see you again.

As for what's changed, FFR has a social media presence, plus we have a brand new shiny R^3 engine with tons of options and even uploading scores to Imgur.

Also rankings go by raw score now. So it's a lot easier to lose an FC.
Originally Posted by thesunfan View Post
I literally spent 10 minutes in the library looking for the TWG forum on Smogon and couldn't find it what the fuck is this witchcraft IGR

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