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Default Re: Expanding the difficulty spectrum

Originally Posted by popsicle_3000 View Post
we could leave 99 unfilled. so RATO is 98, DP 97, etc...
Honestly? I'd prefer RATO to be difficulty 99 with Vertex beta vrofl being an undefined difficulty of "???" - a variable in the difficulty parameter that maybe Velocity could add. Because right now, vrofl (and RATO to a less degreee) are on the 1-99 difficulty list and, as OWA implies, is skewing the difficulty scale a lot on the higher end.

Basically, vrofl shouldn't even exist on the 1-99 scale at all. And I certainly don't think anyone would want a file that's a notch above RATO anyhow. I'm thinking that even RATO might be way above anything below it, and am tempted to also put that as a "???"-difficulty file.
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