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Default Re: Expanding the difficulty spectrum

Originally Posted by popsicle_3000 View Post
we could leave 99 unfilled. so RATO is 98, DP 97, etc...
Not a bad idea, but we're essentially lowering the overall threshold that a "serious" file can be placed in, similar to how it is currently with RATO/DP at 96/95 respectively.

The problem that I presented was a theoretically avoidable one, but it did leave some discussion as to what could be done to remedy it, and OWA answered exactly as I hoped. Maximizing the amount of space within the FGO/FSO territory allows the scale to shine in separating files that are drastically more difficult, within the same level. At this point, I'm happy to see Schmollbluk be considered out of the 87 range, because it presents the most brutal burst patterns out of any FGO due to incredibly rigid transitions in and out of jumptrills. It also (to me), doesn't compare to the other 87s in the area, which (for the most part) are comparably more tame, or lack extremes as difficult as Schmollbluk.

It fits -perfectly- in the current list, in my opinion.
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