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Default Re: Batch Search Engine Updates

The following changes were made on the Batch Search Engine.

=== Official Tournament Releases ===

Round 4
A Happy Day in Funtown --> Created, Released
This Will Be The Day (James Landino’s Magical Girl Remix) --> Released
Heartache --> Released
PrayStation --> Released
Galaxy in Toybox [Heavy] --> Released
The Scales of Strangeness --> Released
Ongaku -kaiongaku mix- --> Released

Round 3
Dating Start! --> Released
Unpause the Heat --> Released
Funny Funky Freaky --> Released
Zauberkugel --> Released
Drunk Crunk Franken --> Released
Kanon --> Created, Released
Stress Free Style --> Released

Round 2
Boooring! --> Created, Released
I’m Alive (Jarvis Remix) --> Released
Shade of Gloria --> Released
Divinity Garden --> Released
Diamanté Spectrasplosion --> Released
You’re gonna love my nuts --> Released

Round 1
Pink Cloud (feat. Max Collins) --> Released
Insignia --> Released
Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix) --> Released
Red Sphere, Blue Sphere --> Released
Funny Function --> Released
Le carnaval des animaux, Movement no. 14 ”Finale” --> Released
oppIrish (GYPSYCOREremix) --> Released

=== Official Tournament Batch ===

The Lovely Freezing Tomboyish Bath Cirno's Hot Spring --> Rejected
faster! faster!! faster!!! --> Rejected

=== January/February 2015 ===

Batch moved to "Done".

The Castle --> Rejected

=== March/April 2015 ===

Batch moved to "Partial".

Set 1:
Time Bomb --> Accepted
Creamy Sky --> Conditional Queue
WonderWing --> Conditional Queue
Agartha --> Conditional Queue
Maybe --> Rejected

Set 2:
SpaceLand TOYBOX --> Accepted
Progressive jikuu shoujo! Urashima Taroko-chan! --> Conditional Queue
A. Q. Children --> Rejected
Her Signals --> Rejected
Glass Lattice --> Rejected

=== May/June 2015 ===

Batch moved to "Partial".

Set 1:
Valkyrie --> Accepted
Aggressor --> Accepted
Head Banger --> Accepted
Welcome to Planet Urf --> Conditional Queue
Oprah Shmup --> Conditional Queue
New Orleans --> Rejected

=== High FGO Special Batch Phase 2 ===

Batch moved to "Done".

Odd22 --> Pending Fixes

Set 3:
Firmament Castle Velier {ueotan} (hi19hi19) --> Accepted
ephemera {ABE3} (hi19hi19) --> Accepted
Wizdomiot {LeaF} (AutotelicBrown) --> Pending Fixes
._Pulse {YZYX} (GammaBlaster) --> Pending Fixes
looming shadow of a tree long gone {goreshit} (Wiosna) --> Rejected

Set 4:
Make the Fire Burn {Rainman} (TC_Halogen) --> Accepted
OWA Raged in Vegas (Fuck Bees) {Kurorak} (hi19hi19) --> Conditional Queue
daddy can change {goreshit} (HeZe) --> Rejected
Frictional Nevada (Full Version) {Venetian Snares} (Xtreme2252) --> Rejected
Maximum Security {LEAF XCEED Music Division} (hi19hi19) --> Rejected
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