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Default Re: Rejected Tournament Scores Thread

Tally has been cross-referenced against Zlyice's Leaderboard and the results ring true! Congrats to our 1th-3st place winners! Credit prizes will be sent tomorrow

The biggie wiggie prizes will be doled out in order that I receive:
1st the cosplay demands
2nd the MS paint demands
with the Rap Songs being worked on in the Rejected Prizes Thread that'll be up tomorrow as well!
Also taking the executive decision to give Zlyice 3rd place prize as well for helping with the tournament so much, if anyone objects feel free to 1v1 me

Sanji-kun and Ultimate Mike will also receive some bonus credits for providing assistance/staying in true FFR forum fashion with some spon-cons

Thanks so much for helping me enjoy this to everyone else in addition to the aforementioned!

See y'all at the next years rejected tournament

spoilers for next year, round 7 is qrrbrbirbel dans
im trash
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