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Default Re: lTWG Thread for April 2019

bump because this is near

I'm ready. I'd like to host some games this time around. Either roulette, dreamers, or this setup that I just retooled:

Vigi's Got This v1.1
13 Players

1 Marksman Vigilante
In addition to the nightly kill, the Marksman Vigilante has a one-shot day vigi.
1 Watcher
2 Sleepwalkers
The sleepwalkers will be informed that they are Vanilla Town. Sleepwalkers will randomly target another player in the night.
6 Vanilla Town

1 Mafia Doctor (cannot protect same target twice; cannot protect and kill on the same night)
1-shot Ninja (makes one kill untraceable by watcher)
1 Sleepwalking Goon (will randomly visit another player like the town sleepwalkers UNLESS they are making the kill)
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