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Default Re: TWG Turbo History

TWG Turbo XXI: The Enemy of Your Enemy is My Enemy
Postgame starts here

Hosted by: thesunfan
Town wins
MVP: roundbox

1. Celirra - Vanilla Town, survived to win
2. mellonxcollie - Vanilla Town, survived to win
3. flashflash account - Seer, survived to win
4. Wayward Vagabond - Vanilla Wolf, lost when game was called
5. Hakulyte - Vanilla Wolf, lynched Day 1
6. dadcop2 - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 0 (KitB with Celirra)
7. roundbox - Vanilla Town, survived to win
8. DaBackpack - Vanilla Town, killed Night 1
9. Charu - Vanilla Town, survived to win

Host Comments:
ffa's checks were roundbox and wayward in that order.

MVP is probably roundbox for this one btw
hot reads and while the seer strat FFA used is kind of sick it could've lost the game
I know that it didn't but he was definitely playing with fire

TWG Turbo XXII: D-People-E-O, Fine Humanoid Robot for the Home
Postgame thread

Hosted by: inDheart
Town wins
MVP: mellonxcollie

1. DaBackpack - Vanilla Town, killed Night 1
2. Curry and Rice - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 0
3. flashflash account - Wolf, lynched Day 2
4. FreezinIce - Vanilla Town, won at endgame
5. mellonxcollie - Seer, killed Night 3
6. Anti-Pearl - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 1
7. Charu - Vanilla Town, won at endgame
8. roundbox - Vanilla Town, killed Night 2
9. Hakulyte - Wolf, lynched Day 3

Host Comments:
rip the activity in this game. wondering if we should do turbos less frequently or something

lynching people off whether they're covered by cop claims is interesting, seems worthwhile when there isn't much else going on

MVP roundbox specifically for the haku = lock wolf thing, as it seemed to get the hammer out of haku to save himself and suddenly the wolves appeared to be owned

not to overshadow pretty good cop play for raeko though; she especially made the roundbox peek super easy to find in case she died
MVP is raeko now yay, read the posts below too

Postgame thread

Hosted by: thesunfan
Wolves win
MVP: Xiz

1. Xiz - Vanilla Mafia, won at endgame
2. flashflash account - Mason, killed Night 2
3. mellonxcollie - Mason, killed Night 1
4. DaBackpack - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 0
5. Hakulyte - Vanilla Town, killed Night 3
6. Gradiant - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 4
7. Celirra - Vanilla Town, lost at endgame
8. Wayward Vagabond - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 3
9. danceflashrevo - Mafia Role Cop, lynched Day 1

Host Comments:
MVP to Xiz easily, figured out the masons by the start of n1 and carried the wolfteam to victory.

I talked privately to haku about why claiming mason as vanilla town is pretty much a terrible idea almost all of the time but I want to reiterate it a little bit:

If you know who the mason is and you are town, chances are the wolves also know because they have a role cop that has checked someone and because they have the same interactions that raeko had from the previous phase.

FFA also had Hakulyte as his top wolf so if he sees Hakulyte claiming his role, he's not going to think about whether or not it makes any sense for Hakulyte to claim the role as a wolf, he's just going to snap CC and argue for lynching Haku (which I believe is the correct response to your top wolf claiming your role in that situation).

It didn't really unite the town around anything more than a much better alternative would've, as I think the thing that really got the dfr lynch going was Cel's case on him, rather than anything else.

Even trying to get value where its hard to get doesn't really do much. Lets say the wolves didn't have the role cop result from n1 telling them that ffa was the last mason and lets say that the wolves end that phase unsure of who the last mason is until haku claims, and is uncounterclaimed.

even if ffa lives to the next phase and claims, its still not really that valuable. A mason being alive when there is one wolf left in f5 doesn't really mean much more than no mason being alive in f5. Far more important than that is the reads of the players who are alive at that point as well as the skill of the last wolf.


Additionally, and I've said this to Celirra already, this is more of a thing that is a little bit dangerous but it really is the kind of thing you can pin on Xiz.

If a weird nightkill happens going into f3, chances are that the guy with the undertitle of "TWG Chaos" made the nightkill.

TWG Turbo XXIV: Wolves at the Wharf
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Celirra
Town wins
MVP: the sun fan

1) the sun fan - Vanilla town, Died N1
2) Xiz - Dolphin Wolf, Lynched D1
3) Charu - Town Dolphin, won at endgame
4) T-Force - Vanilla town, Lynched D2
5) flashflash account - Vanilla wolf, lost at endgame
6) DaBackpack - Vanilla town, died N2
7) Funnygurl555 - Vanilla town, won at endgame

Host Comments:
I think town did a really swell job coming together this game, something that doesn't always happen on FFR. Everyone did well I'd say, but especially props to Sunfan for the d1 strength, and mentions to Charu too for strength at the end.

I do like the all-in strategy by Xiz given the length of the game, and I think that especially since he was dolphin it could've gone very well for wolf team if Sunfan didn't rally town like he did.

I'm bummed the dolphin mechanic didn't happen, but it turned out well anyways. Might host something similar again sometime if there's interest for it.

All in all good game and charu as the actual dolphin made me laugh a lot

TWG Turbo XXV: Enemy Zero
Postgame thread

Hosted by: inDheart
Wolves win
MVP: Celirra

1. roundbox - Doctor, killed Night 1
2. the sun fan - Vanilla Town, lost at endgame
3. DaBackpack - Vanilla Town, lost at endgame
4. Celirra - Vanilla Wolf, won at endgame
5. flashflash account - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 2
6. MixMasterLar - Wolf Role Cop, won at endgame
7. Funnygurl555 - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 1
8. blindreper1179 - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 3
9. Xiz - Asceticizer, killed Night 2

Host Comments:
setup thoughts:
asceticizer was in the game as an anti-role-cop, but isn't really able to get clear on actions in this game. it's maybe a role that's better in bigger games, and as sunfan pointed out to me when he used it in FE, it's typically wolf aligned. i'm just thinking of other possible worlds that go differently than this game did and i think asc still has value as a second available claim, but that would be true of any second role.

i don't think wolves did too-too much PR hunting, but having role copped sunfan and noticing the dynamic between sunfan and xiz led them to think xiz could be asc. in that way i think the role cop paid off for them even though they hit all vanillas, and it felt like a nice substitute include rather than "lol, wolves need a power, give em a blocker"

there was no daychat, OR assigned kills, guys, smh, but me posting to correct those kinds of errors is too much outside influence imo
(actually i didn't say anything about assigned kills, but they don't matter to the mechanics of this game)

game thoughts:
hoo wee it felt like town was eating each other alive for quite a while. both the fg and ffa lynches felt like someone died for wanting to poke another player and just not being solvy more than they were actually wolfy, which was probably also true of the actual wolves for a while, at least. early d2 there were glimmers of a strong town core in there with sunfan and xiz starting to hard align and wagons on both wolves forming, but the wolves proved slippery and wriggled out of those wagons.

there was a lot of good data in votecounts this game, and hopefully i posted enough of those to be useful to people who wanted them. the wolves were the last to vote d1, and voted together on the d1 and d2 mislynch wagons. dbp's gut feels about the fg lynch and what mml would be trying to push as a wolf while being wagoned d2 were pretty right.

most of d3's been talked over already; wolves had plans to bus if they needed to, but that didn't end up bearing out. i think voting alone on blind instead of getting the rush should've caught cel but they at least handled it pretty well in thread, and cel's open signaling to mml is maybe one of the funnier things i've seen in a game in a while

also i think mml's more emotive play might have been a reaction to people saying he wasn't doing that, tbh

i got leery of people adding quotes from the game to their signatures during the game, but i guess it's neither clearing nor necessary to fake?

roundbox and ffa had pretty good d1s from town
cel was pretty good about emulating his town game, perhaps even moreso than actually Doing Things, which is usually why he was getting voted
the fg/sunfan interaction kinda hurt me bc it seemed like you couldn't read each other like books for the first time, and it got you both into bad places on each other
i think if town gets to flipping cel then blind looks a lot better

TWG Turbo XXVI: Kiss and Kill
Postgame thread

Hosted by: ShadoWolfe
Town wins
MVP: flashflash account

1. flashflash account - Vanilla Townie. Won at endgame.
2. Funnygurl555 - Hooker <3. Lynched D2
3. the sun fan - Vanilla Townie. Killed N2
4. T-Force TWGma Precarious - VT. Lynched D1
5. star-crossed - 1SB Werewolf. Lynched D0
6. inDheart - Cop. Killed N1
7. roundbox - Gunsmith. Won at endgame.
8. mellon_collie - Vanilla Townie. Won at endgame.
9. FreezinIce - VT. Shot D1

Host Comments:
MVP goes to FFA primarily for being the decisive vote and choosing correctly between fakeclaiming Funnygurl and the one true roundbox Gunsmith! Making a judgment call and going for the win is hard under pressure, but you made the right call!
He gets bonus points for clearing himself early thru his shot and maintaining WIM even when things got choppy.

FFA coming in with the gun D0, announcing, and sticking to a shot between two arbitrary players like he did is objectively bad. There were several players that had not posted at that time, and there was nothing alignment indicative to read from at that point. Yes, announcing a shot like that is fine to reactiontest, but sticking to it could've been catastrophic had he not been incredibly lucky. Excluding himself, naming two arbitrary players had a 25% chance of being right, and has an equal chance of hitting a PR.

As it were, if Star were not the second name in his pool, he would've been making a neat little bed between the Cop and a VT. BUT, even considering that, you redeemed yourself in the final day and definitively won yourself the MVP spot.

Honorable mention definitely goes to Funnygurl for playing a fantastic wolfgame and keeping her head cool in thread (even when they were the opposite in woofchat) and her emotions feeling very genuine (even knowing she's a wolf). I kept putting myself in FFA's shoes, and you reversed what was seemingly an "auto" game into something you almost made your own. The couple of times I thought you'd been caught, you found ways to come back out from underneath it all and push back harder than before.

roundbox kept a surprising amount of fire going under FG's feet in that last phase, passionately pushing into her post history to find every dirty secret she had hoped she'd swept under the rug. It's hard to fight emotion, and last days can be draining, but I could feel the WIM from here

lastly, but not leastly, sunfan read solidly into star's reactions D0 and provided appropriate followup momentum, which helped both push her over the edge and fuel FFA's investigative fire (read: gun abuse). Setting yourself up as a secondary clear was clutch for town, making you a near-necessary nightkill for a wolf victory.

Great game all, I hope all of you had as much fun playing it as I did hosting. Thanks for playing!

Postgame starts here

Hosted by: the sun fan
Town wins
MVPs: T-Force, Wayward Vagabond & Funnygurl555

1. Funnygurl555 - Vanilla Town, survived to win
2. Wayward Vagabond - Vanilla Town, survived to win
3. Hateandhatred - Vanilla Town, Killed n1
4. SubaruPoptart - Vanilla Wolf, Lynched d2
5. 123kappa3 - Wolf Role Seer, Lynched d1
6. _Zenith_ - Mason, Lynched d0
7. Charu - Mason, Killed n2
8. Shadow_God_10 - Vanilla Town, survived to win
9. TWGma - Vanilla Town, survived to win

Host Comments:
first time I've considered doing this but I think town played exceptionally well this game so MVP goes to T-Force, Wayward and funnygurl because u all did gr8.

Postgame starts here

Hosted by: flashflash account
Wolves win
MVP: Funnygurl555

1. Funnygurl555 - Wolf Roleblocker, lynched Day 2
2. SubaruPoptart - Weak Hider, killed Night 1
3. inDheart - Vanilla Human, killed Night 2
4. ShadoWolfe - Vanilla Human, lynched Day 4
5. XelNya - Vanilla Human, survived to lose
6. T-Force - Vanilla Human, lynched Day 1
7. star-crossed - Vanilla Human, killed Night 3
8. thesunfan - Vanilla Wolf, survived to win
9. Charu - Vanilla Human, lynched Day 3

Host Comments:

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