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Hey all, been a while! I'm here with just a quick lil thing: Justin's updated a bit of the search function on the website!

There's now a third tab called "Browse" that you can use to sort which songs haven't been done yet, which ones need to be done, and most of the same parameters that are used to sort the song list right here on FFR: such as Genre, Style, Length, so on and so forth!

Here's a screenshot as to what it looks like right now; it's not quite finished yet, though. There's a few categories that aren't set up yet, but hopefully will be fully fleshed out as soon as possible. :)

On another note, I recently switched computers and never got to back-up all the videos that I hadn't uploaded yet to the project; but on the bright side I didn't have too many left in the folder. I'll be re-downloading all the ones I lost (while acquiring some new ones along the way~) and hopefully will be putting some up today or tomorrow depending on how long this takes. Adjusting to Windows 10 is proving a lot more difficult than I had anticipated, since I've been living off of Windows 7 for the past 5 years. :P

With all that said, hope y'all're havin a nice day, that you had a nice holidays, will have a nice new year's, and keep smashin them arrows!

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