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Default Re: TWG 198 - TWGabout Succession [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by mellon_collie View Post
ok but then why pair them?

why not just evaluate them on their own?
It's easier to discredit 1 person than an entire group.

e.g: Player A:

I'm town reading Raeko because I liked her tone all game and I felt like I was hearing the voice of reason.

Player B:

Hey she didn't give a lot of reads, she's probably wolfing and coasting.

Player A:

Well, she does that as town too.

Player B:

That doesn't matter, we should vote her for not giving better reads.

[insert narrative to leads to Raeko mislynch]


Basically, if I'm talking about a group of players, we often get more objective discussions imo. (as long as the why matters)
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