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Default Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
I'm not drunk enough to accept there is ever a world where SunFan busses his partner that early and honestly he is right to get bent out of shape over it. If you're down, I'm sorry for the insult but that was a pretty derp move at best.

Which claim didn't I accept? I accept that Poptart shot Zenith but just don't accept he did it as town (any role can be rolled regardless of alignment) and I'm acting as though you are telling the truth right now

If you're upset because I'm not 100% lock clearing you second number 1 over info that might get counter later this then lmao go flap your wings in pancake batter or some shit man.

As it stands, you're probably telling the truth, and that's all you get
the first part of this post is actually a good point about sunfan and makes me think it is more likely that he is town
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