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Default Re: Difficulty Changes (Changelog)

I'm kind of feeling Choprite's difficulty level should be bumped up to at least 71 or 72. Reason being:

At around 300 combos there is a 32nd note burst that quickly changes into a 24th note burst. Not exactly difficult to hit, but tricky enough to throw others off.

Some deal somewhere later on in the song. There also is a section with a light blue note (43!2,1,4). This little burst isn't hard to hit either. But I feel like this part should be enough to bump the chart up to at least 71. A 48th note right before a 12th note, followed by 16th to a 4th. Though it's technically a mash roll and I understand this isn't hard to hit, it's not really suitable to be qualified as a level 70 burst. Personally, I feel like this is like a level 76 or 77 given the speed.

There are other bursts around 800 and 960 combos where, as before, 32nd note bursts into 24th note bursts. These sections feel a bit clunky in a way as the finger coordination required is a bit tricky to master at that speed.

Overall, the chart itself isn't exactly hard. It's just those bursts that make it feel like it's a bit harder than where it's been set at. Just my personal opinion.
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