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Default Re: New Tournament Format - Blitz Tourney

Thanks everybody for the tournament! Credit Prize Math forthcoming, but here's our top 3 from each division that weren't ghosting or donating their token further down:

D1, Kauancpi, R80S, Whispy01
D2, One Death, hivife, ph03n1xm00n
D3, Solarlake, thenoob27, floatiestring
D4, snaphap, CDCan, storn42
D5, Kisun, Deamerai, Sistine-
D6, suicidaln00b, Fallaise, Pizza69
D7, 11brendon, Matthia, xXOpkillerXx

Please get in touch with RushyRulz for your tokens.

Credit Prizing

10,000 credits each to all 83 participants who submitted all rounds but were not in the top 3.

1,000 credits each to all 17 participants who submitted at least one round but were not in the top 3.

Top 3 Prizing:
Each division gets a percentage of the total prize pool remaining after the participant prizes.
D1 gets 8%
D2 gets 10%
D3 gets 12%
D4 gets 14%
D5 gets 16%
D6 gets 18%
D7 gets 22%

The top 3 from each division will split that chunk of pool 50%/30%/20%

   1st           2nd     3rd
D1 47220	28332	18888
D2 59025	35415	23610
D3 70830	42498	28332
D4 82635	49581	33054
D5 94440	56664	37776
D6 106245	63747	42498
D7 129855	77913	51942
Thank you everybody for the success of our inaugural Blitz tournament. I've gathered some great info about how to structure this kind of thing in the future, and I've got several great ideas for overall event development after this to try and address some of the common tournament issues that come up.

Please be patient for your credit prizes, I'm going to be getting ready now to be out of the house for a good couple hours, but I'll get everything out tonight.

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