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Default Re: New Tournament Format - Blitz Tourney

Originally Posted by devonin View Post
You are the 2nd lowest level player in D6, but you'd be the highest level player in D5.
Originally Posted by Elmerz View Post
So it's ok for someone else to be the highest lvl in d5, just not me? Strange.
one of these days we might have a tourney with people not constantly complaining about sandbaggers. this is apparently not that tourney.

it's worth pointing out that the only guy level 83 in D5 reached that level during this tourney, so it was completely fair to place him in D5 at the beginning. i'm gonna have to side with devonin's decision on this one.

10th OT (D3): 13th
11th OT (D6): 11th
12th OT (D6): 6th
13th OT (D7): 31st

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
Accurate. Most of my friends have been women.
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you know what they say

under all the rust is really shiny... metal
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