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Default Re: FFR Unofficial Tournament 2018 (Working Title) (Working Title)

Originally Posted by SK8R43 View Post
Yeah.....but theres a difference between non forum users that have been on the site for years and players who JUST joined this month. Not saying they are all alts, but i wouldn t be surprised if some were to sandbag. XD
People who just joined this month can often be found in multiplayer

It's fine, there are easy ways to check for alts
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if we keep releasing engines that work on 1/4 of people's computers, we'll get there
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do u even agrabah
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I have no fucking idea how you were able to identify that specific line from meme show so you are basically an elder god of memes

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have you heard someone mention eating pancakes to negate friday 13th?
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When I think Motherís Day, I think Venetian Snares.

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