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Default Re: Difficulty Changes (Changelog)

The PA ability required on that file is absolutely insane and the stats on it are much worse than many other 70-71s from around the same era or newer (Crimson Flood, Her Majesty, You Goddamn Fish). I'd be less annoyed with the rating if it was a short file but the amount of time it runs means you need a ridiculous amount of consistency with the constant switch from 64th swing to regular 16ths then back (or worse they're all mixed together), and frame conversions mean you can't just treat it all as swing or stream.

Comboing might be mid-high VC, but if someone actually managed to AAA that file as their first FMO I'd argue that's a HIGHLY deserved Oni unlock.

EDIT: Comparing the PA difficulty to Feldschacht which I always assumed was considered the VERY border, Feld has its PA-fucky parts a lot more spread out and its densest parts are roughly as dense as Go 60 Gos.
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