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Default Re: MLB 2016 Season

I've stopped betting on the Mets because they're too inconsistent. They've lost 3-0 to Atlanta, been no-hit through 8 by Colin Rea and the Padres, blew a 4-0 lead to Chicago WS (who were on a 7 game losing streak), the list goes on...

Seattle down 12-2 tonight in San Diego only to come back and win 16-13. That was a fun one to watch, and one of the easiest bets I've won (bet over 8.5).

Bet the over 8.5 and Red Sox over 4.5, only for Jiminez to throw a no-hitter through 4 before going back to his old ways... that was somewhat scary. Jiminez should go to the minors for a bit. He's almost as bad as John Danks, who was sent down over a month ago...

Orioles hit 7 home runs last night by the way

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